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ehihayireebihayiren1s.t. old, that has existed for a long timeOmuutu muhayire, ali nʼehyagi ehihayire hyʼemyaha ehumi.The old person has a ten-year old granary., not new2old fashioned thingOhwambala ewayikoti hihayire.It is old fashioned to wear a waist. fashioned

ehyabitaebyabitandistant past event; what was done sometime back in the past3.5.4.5History8.4.6.2Pastehyabitiren1resolution; s.t. agreed upon by the majority to prevail or to be done3.2.2.3Evaluate, test3.3.1Decide, plan4.7.6Judge, render a verdict3.3.1.2Choose2event that happened in the past, (either recently or in the distant past depending on the tone of the utterance) past event; what has just happened3.5.4.5History8.4.6.2Pastehyʼebiro ebyabitirenold fashioned act8. fashioned

ehyaŋooye hu mulembeebyaŋooye hu mulembens.t. unfashionable, old fashioned8. fashionedder. ofomulembe

ehyʼebiro ebyabitireebyʼebiro ebyabitirenold fashioned actOmuhasi ohuhomera omusinde ekumbo ko gamuheesa hyʼebiro ebyabitire.For a woman to kneel down before greeting a man is an old fashioned act. fashionedder. ofehyabita

ehyʼemyahaebyʼemyahanold, ancient; s.t. that has existed for many years8., not new8. fashioned

ohuba enyuma wʼebiseeravbe old fashioned; behind the times8. fashionedder. ofehiseera

omulembeemiremben1generation; period of time it takes for human beings to become adults and have their own children2.6.4Stage of life8.4.6.5Age2.6.4.8Peer group2eraAbaatu bʼommulembe guno balaŋi.The people of this era are good.8.4.1Period of time8.4.1.7Era3.5.4.5Historyehyaŋooye hu mulembens.t. unfashionable, old fashioned8. fashionedemirembe nʼemirembeneternity; period lasting forever and ever8.4.2.3Forever