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adembeereyevar.odembereyeabadembeereyen1poised person; s.b. who is about to do s.t. who is ready to act6.1.2.6Prepare7. about to die2.6.6Die

efanmoment of death; time when s.b. dies2.6.6Die

ehyaloebyalon1village, neighbourhood, locality; place where there is a settlementOmubbambafu Wicks amenyire mu hyalo hyʼe Mugulu.Mr. Wicks lives in Mugulu village.8.5Location8.5.3Be at a place8.5.4Area4.6.7.2City4.6.7Region4.1.4Neighbor8.5.4.1Vicinity4.6.7.4Community2country; area of land that forms an independent political unit with its own governmentEhyalo hya Uganda hirimo enimi nyingi.The country of Uganda has many languages., world; planet on which human life has developed, esp. all people and their ways of lifeOmwesi gwetoloola ehyalo.The moon goes round the earth.; land that is not in town or in an industrial area, that is either used for farming or left in its natural conditionSamanyire biitu bingi ebyʼehibuga kuba ko gahaŋwanga mu hyalo.He does not know much about town because he has just come from the countryside. hyosihyosinglobe; whole earth or a representation of it7.2.4.8Map8.3.1.6Round1.2Worldohuseebula ehyalovEuph. die2.6.6Dieohwaya ehyalovIdiom. spread all over7.5.1.1Separate, scatter1.3.2.1Flow7.3.7.3Spread, smear7.5.7Multiple things moving

endalaendalanmidrib of the Borassus palm used in making baskets6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats1.5.5Parts of a plantohubbota endalavIdiom. die; sarcastic way of referring to death2.6.6Die

etubbietubbindrowning; death by swallowing a lot of water when submerged in it2.6.6Dieohunywa etubbivdrown2.6.6Die

ohubbota endalavIdiom. die; sarcastic way of referring to death2.6.6Dieder. ofendala

ohufa2v1dieMaama gafuuye.Mother died.2.6.6Die2be cancelledEbyʼohuhwa eyi muganda yange abaaye nʼahwa byafuuye.My brother’s up coming marriage has been cancelled. something6. an eventehiguudyo hyʼohufandeath sentence; capital punishment4.7.6.2Condemn, find guilty4.7.7.4ExecuteohufaahovMetaphor. be unconscious; be sick to the extent of being in coma2.5.6.4Lose consciousnessohufaaniav1regain consciousness2.5.6.4Lose consciousness2understand, recognise, perceive, see clearly and get the meaning of s.t.2.3Sense, perceive3.2.6.2Recognize3.2.4Understandohutafavhave everlasting life; be immortal8.4.2.3Forever4.9.6.1Resurrection

ohufiiravlose for good; be lost permanently, esp. a death of s.b., but also said of a possession one never expects to find againFiriiye abaatu bangi mu lima lino.I have lost a lot of people this season.2.6.6Die7.6.3Lose, misplaceohufiiraŋovdie suddenly2.6.6Dieohufiirwav1be bereaved4.1.9.3Widow, widower2.6.6.3Funeral2.6.6Die2lose; miss s.b. or s.t.7.6.3Lose, misplaceohufiisav1lose; have s.b. die2.6.6Die2spoil, of food4.

ohufiiraŋovdie suddenly2.6.6Dieder. ofohufiira

ohufiisav1lose; have s.b. dieGafihiise omwana.He lost a child.2.6.6Die2spoil, of foodGafihiise omwenge.His beer went bad. ofohufiira

ohugiduhavdie suddenlyOmwana sigalwayeho bbe; gagiduhire hugiduha.The child was not sick at all; he just died unexpectedly.2.6.6Die

ohuholoteravmake a sound like s.b. who is dying2.6.6Die

ohuŋuumulavar.ohuŋuumulahov1rest; stop working for a short periodHuja huŋuumula mu mwesi guno.We are going to rest this month. a nap; sleep esp. after work7.1.3Lie down2.4.5Rest5.7.1Go to sleep5.7Sleep3Euph. die; stop living2.6.6Die4take a break, holiday; not be at work3. daysohuja mu huŋuumulavgo on a holiday or vacation3. daysohuŋuumusavrelieve of duty or responsibility4.4.4.7Relief6.9.2Work for someone8.

ohwambula3v1discover a dead body1.4.1Dead things2.6.6Die2be found dead; die without any people around only to be discovered dead after sometime1.4.1Dead things2.6.6Die

ohwitavkill; slaughter; execute2.6.6.1Kill4.7.7.4Executeohweyitavcommit suicide2.6.6.1Kill4.7.7.4Executeohwitahovanaesthetise s.b. before a surgical operation2.5.7Treat disease2.5.6.4Lose consciousnessohwitisavcause s.b. or s.t. to die2.6.6Die

ohwitisavcause s.b. or s.t. to die2.6.6Dieder. ofohwita
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