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afakedoafakedoEnglishnAvocado; tree bearing green or purple fruits with edible green flesh surrounding large seeds that is usually used as dessertOfakedo sanyunyuula hyʼebibala ebindi.Avocado pears are not as sweet as most fruit.sp. Persea americana fam. Lauraceae1.5.1Tree5. from seeds5. from fruit

amafuujanfreshly-boiled ground nuts that are steamed unshelled5. from seeds

amagala2egalangrain; heads of millet or sorghum before threshing to remove the grainsObule bwʼe Teso bubaaho amagala mabbala.Millet from Teso bears thick heads. from seeds6.2.1.1Growing grain6.2.6.3Thresh6.2.6.4Store the harvest

amaŋululwaeŋululwanpods of cow peas plant just before they mature5. from seeds1.5.3Grass, herb, vine

amasisiisinfinely pounded groundnuts, simsim, or sesame5. from seeds5. food

amayereranhalf-crushed millet that falls off the grinding stone, during the process of grinding5. from seeds6.2.6.2Mill grain5. flour

cengacengansmall broken pieces of rice after milling5. from seeds6.2.6.2Mill grain1.5.3Grass, herb, vine

ehiduumavar.duumaebiduuman1maize; crop that grows to a height of 3m, that has cobs where grains grow. Flour for meals is milled from these grainsEbyoma ni bihiiri huuja duuma baŋuulanga huŋuula.Before the introduction of the hammer mills maize grains were just pounded.sp. Zea mays fam. Poaceae5. from seeds6. maize2maize cob5. from seeds6. maize1.5.5Parts of a plant3maize grain5. from seeds6. maize6.2.6.3Thresh6.2.6.2Mill grain

ehifulugoebifulugonsauce; made from pounded groundnuts5. from seeds5.2.3.4Prepared food

ehigoloosoebigoloosonCashew nut; tree that grows to a height of 10m with groundnut-like seeds from which oil is extractedEhigolooso njʼehirala hu birime ebya buli mwaha ebiŋwamo obufuni.The cashew nut tree is one of the perennial crops that bring wealth.sp. Anacardium occidentale fam. Anacardiaceae1.5.1Tree5. from seeds

ehihaaliebihaalinerect woven drying rack for simsim or sesame process5. from seeds1.5.2Bush, shrub6.2.6Process harvest

ehijanjaaloebijanjaalonbean; seed of leguminous, sometimes climbing, crops that are commonly used as saucesp. Phaseolus vulgaris fam. Papilionaceae5. from seeds5. from vegetables1.5.3Grass, herb, vine6.2.1Growing crops1.5.5Parts of a plant

ehisusuebisusunmaize cob; seed pod where maize seeds grow in linesEbisusu bya duuma byosi babitambisa ngʼekwi.The maize cobs are also used as firewood. from seeds6. maize1.5.5Parts of a plant

ekaanuekaanunSesame, Simsim, Sunflower; crop that grows to 1.5 m and whose seeds are used during sacrifices to the gods because of their strong smellEryani lyʼehifulugo ehibaholire mukaanu.Soup made from simsim seeds.sp. Sesamum indicum fam. Pedaliaceae5. from seeds1.5.2Bush, shrub

embalaayoembalayonGreen Gram; crop of the cow peas family that has green seedssp. Phaseolus aureus fam. Papilionaceae5. from seeds

embeheembehengrain; seeds of grass-like crops like rice and milletEmbehe endala eyʼomubere yamaamo omubere ogwigusa engoho edatu.One sorghum seed can yield enough grains to satisfy three hens.Omuhuuji gudumuuha gwaleha embehe hu lugali ni bahonja.The chaff blows and leaves the grain on a tray when winnowing. from seeds5. from fruit1.5.5Parts of a plant

enganoenganonwheat; crop whose grains are milled to get flour for baking breadsp. Triticum vulgare fam Gramineae5. from seeds1.5.3Grass, herb, vine

epandeepandenbambara groundnuts; crop with nuts underground like groundnutssp. Voandzeia subterranea fam Papilionaceae5. from seeds1.5.3Grass, herb, vine
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