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ebasa2ebasanceremony of merry making because of having had twins4.2.2.1Ceremony2.6.3.7Multiple births

ebinaaloehinaalonmetal rings made to be worn around the ankles5.3.2Women's clothing2.1.3.2Leg5.4.1Jewelry2.6.3.7Multiple births

ehidaebidan1stomach; part of the body where food is digestedEhida ehibbala hitegeesa endya eyʼehigaaga.Big stomach shows eating rich food. person2.1.2Torso2.1.8.2Stomach1.6.2Parts of an animal2pregnancy; situation when a woman is pregnantSarah ali hida.Sarah is pregnant., uterus; part of the female body where a child is createdOhuba nʼomwana mu hida.Be with child in the womb. organs2.6.3.2Fetus4lineage; ancestry; parentage; family lineEhida hya Mugoya.Mugoya’s family., mother4.1.9.1Related by birth4.1.9.8Family, clan4., grandmother4.1.9Kinshipohuba ehidavIdiom. be pregnant2.6.3.1Pregnancyohutoola ehidavIdiom. conceive; get pregnant2.6.3.1Pregnancyomugendera hidanEuph. snake1.ʼehida ehiralanIdiom. twin; same womb sibling8. births

ehirigoebirigonsash; worn during the dance after the liminal period following the birth of twins5.3.6Parts of clothing2.6.3.7Multiple births

emijereomujeren1ankle rings worn around the ankles by a bearer of twins5.3.2Women's clothing2.1.3.2Leg5.4.1Jewelry2.6.3.7Multiple births2banana fibre skirt; worn over a banana leaf tied round the waist by a mother of twins5.3.2Women's clothing5.3.5Clothes for special people2.6.3.7Multiple births

erongo1amalongon1birth of twinsAbasaaye bʼerongo saheja hu lyuba abaana ni bahiiri hwetondola.The parents of the twins don’t have conjugal contacts before the twins’ umbilical cords break off. births2ceremony when twins are born2.6.3.9Birth ceremony4.2.2.1Ceremony3two things or vents happening simultaneously or concurrently8.1.1.4Multiples8. group

gabirigabirintwins; two children born on the same day8. birthsohuhubba gabirivgive birth to twins2.6.3Birth2.6.3.7Multiple births

ohubajuhav1give ritually; make a ceremonial donation6.8.3Share wealth3.3.5Offer6.8.3.1Give, donate4.9.5.5Offering, sacrifice2give names to newly born twins at a ceremonyHuŋwa hubajuha erongo.We have been at a naming ceremony for twins.9.7Name4.2.2.1Ceremony9.7.1Name of a person2.6.3.7Multiple births

ohubbyatula1vgive birth to a childGabbyatuuye gabiri.She produced twins.2.6.3Birth1.6.3Animal life cycleohubbyatula agabirivgive birth to twins2.6.3Birth2.6.3.7Multiple births

omulongo1abalongontwin; second of two children born at the same timeOmwana asooka hu balongo nje Muhwana alondaho nje Mulongo.The first of the twin children is Muhwana, while the next one is Mulongo. births

owʼehida ehiralaabʼehida ehiralanIdiom. twin; same womb siblingAbaana abalongo baba bʼehida hirala.Twins are children of the same mother. birthsder. ofehida