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ahanyolondiobunyolondinstrip; long narrow piece of s. t8.1.6.2Piece8.6Parts of things8.2.4.1Narrow

ahaafuobuhaafuEnglishn1half, one of the two equal parts after dividing s.t. of s.t.ŋaaho omwana ehimesu hyʼomugati.Please, give the child a piece of bread. of things8.1.6.1Part8.1.5.1Some

ehibbumbovar.ahabbumboebibbumbonblob, globule, mass or piece of s.t. solidEhibbumbo ehya sabbuuni ehyʼesiringi bitaanu hituhena omwesi.A solid piece of soap for five hundred shillings takes us through a month.Mubusyanu obuteŋeme emanga mubamo obubbumbo bungi.There are many lumps in flour that has stayed for long.

ehimuumaebimuumanmorsel, crumb, lump, titbit; small amount of solid food8.1.6.2Piece8.6Parts of things8.1.6.1Part5.2.1.5Serve food

ehiŋandeebiŋandenpart, portion; piece of a whole that has been cut up or broken8.1.6.2Piece8.1.1.6Fraction8.6Parts of things8.1.6.1Part8.1.5.1Some

ehitoleebitolenlump of food that fits in one handHu hiŋulo gamegireho ebitole bitaanu ebyʼobusima nga geguta.At the meal he had five lumps of millet and got satisfied. food7.5.2.2Stick together

ehitunduebitundun1partEnyama bamuŋaaye ya hitundu hi? Hu hiŋinga oba hu muhono?Which part of the meat was he given? (Was it) from the thigh or from the front leg? of things8.1.6.1Part8.1.5.1Some2half; s.t. divided right in the middleHuhigabaniiye ŋagati; aŋirireho ehitundu hesi naŋira ehitundu.We shared it in the middle; he took a half and I also took a half. area; part of the earthOŋwera mu hitundu hi mwʼAmerica?Which part of America do you come from?

ehyaŋuebyaŋun1slice; cut piece of s.t. of things8.1.6.1Part8.1.5.1Some2half; one of the two solid equal parts of s.t.

etomeamatomenlump of food like millet or bananas8.1.6.2Piece5.2Food5.2.1.5Serve food7.5.2.2Stick together