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ahabeŋoobubeŋonbreeze; wind that does not blow fastAhabeŋo hatengesya ebisaala polapola.The breeze is gently shaking the trees. embeŋovIdiom. enjoy life3. with3.4.1Feel good3. doing something3.4.1.2Happy3.4.1.1Like, loveohuŋulira embeŋovshiver; feel cold7.3.1.3Shake2.5.6.2Fever8.3.4.1Cold7.1.9Move a part of the body2.5.6Symptom of disease

amanwalinenthusiasm; interest; eagernessAli nʼamanwali.He is enthusiastic. doing something3.

amanyoonyonpleasure; happiness; joyAmanyoonyo gapambire ni naweene omwana wange, ali mu maje, nʼagobola engo.I was in great pleasure when I saw my son, who is a soldier, coming home.3.4.1Feel good3. doing something4.2.6Entertainment, recreation3.4.1.2Happy

ehinaninkeenness; regularity at work with keenness and likingOlwʼehinani hihye mu hutamba munimiro ali nʼemere nyingi.Because of his regularity at work in his fields he has plenty of food. hard3. doing something3.3.2.4Willing3.

esangaalonjoy; great happiness experienced at a feast or when one has visitors3.4.1Feel good3. doing something4.2.6Entertainment, recreation3.4.1.2Happy

nanjehonanjehons.b. who is always cheerful and happy, who always has a smiling face3.4.1Feel good3. doing something4.2.6Entertainment, recreation3.4.1.2Happy

ohumiravswallow; cause the food or drink to move from the mouth into the stomach5.2.2Eatohumira amatevIdiom. be excited3. good3. doing somethingohumiryongosavswallow food quickly and easily5.2.2Eat
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