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ahabeŋoobubeŋonbreeze; wind that does not blow fastAhabeŋo hatengesya ebisaala polapola.The breeze is gently shaking the trees. embeŋovIdiom. enjoy life3. with3.4.1Feel good3. doing something3.4.1.2Happy3.4.1.1Like, loveohuŋulira embeŋovshiver; feel cold7.3.1.3Shake2.5.6.2Fever8.3.4.1Cold7.1.9Move a part of the body2.5.6Symptom of disease

amanyoonyonpleasure; happiness; joyAmanyoonyo gapambire ni naweene omwana wange, ali mu maje, nʼagobola engo.I was in great pleasure when I saw my son, who is a soldier, coming home.3.4.1Feel good3. doing something4.2.6Entertainment, recreation3.4.1.2Happy

ehibalaebibalaLugandan1fruit; usually sweet-tasting part of a tree or shrub that holds seeds that can be eaten5. from fruit1.5.5Parts of a plant2Metaphor. s.t. pleasant or the successful results of work or actions3.4.1.2Happy4.4.1Prosperity

ehigalagalaebigalagalanululation; joyous yelling done by women3. of sounds

ehisangaasaebisangaasanhappy; s.t. that brings about happiness3.4.1.2Happy

ehyehoyesaebyehoyesanplease; s.t. expected to be pleasant3.4.1.2Happy3.4.1.1Like, love

esangaalonjoy; great happiness experienced at a feast or when one has visitors3.4.1Feel good3. doing something4.2.6Entertainment, recreation3.4.1.2Happy

hirinjehohirinjehoncheerful person; s.b. who is all-smiles3.4.1.2Happy

nanjehonanjehons.b. who is always cheerful and happy, who always has a smiling face3.4.1Feel good3. doing something4.2.6Entertainment, recreation3.4.1.2Happy

ohuhidimavjump for joy; run about in a jolly mood7.

ohusangaalavrejoice; be happyOmuhasi wuwe asangaaye ohuba nʼabageni.His wife is happy to have visitors.3.4.1Feel good3. doing something4.2.6Entertainment, recreation3.4.1.2Happy
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