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ahabeŋoobubeŋonbreeze; wind that does not blow fastAhabeŋo hatengesya ebisaala polapola.The breeze is gently shaking the trees. embeŋovIdiom. enjoy life3. with3.4.1Feel good3. doing something3.4.1.2Happy3.4.1.1Like, loveohuŋulira embeŋovshiver; feel cold7.3.1.3Shake2.5.6.2Fever8.3.4.1Cold7.1.9Move a part of the body2.5.6Symptom of disease

ahaboneroobuboneron1sign, gesture, indication; s.t. that shows that s.t. else is happening or exists or will do so in the futureOhuhotamiraho omuutu habonero hʼohulaga eŋono.Bowing for s.b. is a sign of respect.Egulu ohuŋumaho bireri hiraga hiti endoboli yija.The cloudless sky shows that the dry season is approaching., symbol3.5.8.4Show, indicate3.5.6.1Gesture2.5.6Symptom of disease2written mark to show meaningMu Hubala mulimo obubonero obulaga ohugata, ohutusaho ohugabira nʼohuhubyamo.In Arithmetic there are marks for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.7.7.7Mark3.5.6Sign, symbol

ehihololoebihololoncough; pushing of air out of the lungs through the throat with a short loud soundEhihololo njehirala hu bubonero bwobulwaye bwa sirimu.Coughing is one of the symptoms of HIV/AIDS.2.2.2Cough, sneezeoluhololonsevere cough2.2.2Cough, sneeze2.5.6Symptom of disease

ehirumaebiruman1s.t. that bites and causes pain, e.g., a snake or insectEmbwa yiruma, etemu eruma, nʼebisiisa biruma ohuleta obulumi.Dogs bite, snakes bite and insects bite to cause pain. of disease2part of the body that is painfulHitundu hi ehihuluma; mutwe oba hugulu?What part of your body is painful; is it the head or the leg? of disease

kamunguluzekamunguluzendizziness; situation in which s.b. feels he is spinning around and is unable to stand and balance himself2.5.6.5Dazed, confused2.5.6Symptom of disease7. consciousness

ohuhololavcough; push air involuntarily from the lungs, making a harsh noiseHisaana ohubumba hu munwa nʼohololera mu baatu.It is fitting to cover the mouth when coughing in public.2.2.2Cough, sneezeohuholondola ebiholondovspit phlegm; eject slimy liquid from the lungs2.2.3Spit, saliva2.2.2Cough, sneeze2.5.6Symptom of disease

ohuhoseresavbecome pale, ashen, anaemic-looking; lose your natural colourMubiri gwange guhoseresa.My body is becoming pale. of disease8. color8.3.3.3Color2.1.4Skin

ohulobolav1vomit, usually by babies after breastfeeding2.5.2.3Stomach illness2.6.4.1Baby2.5.6Symptom of disease2take a portion, small part from7.3.3.1Take something from somewhere7.3.2.3Put aside

ohulusavregurgitate; vomit what has just been eaten2.5.2.3Stomach illness2.5.6Symptom of disease