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amamironvoice; sound made by s.b. when speaking or singing3.5.1.1Voiceamamiro amasyekenhigh pitched voice3.5.1.1Voice2.3.2.3Types of sounds

egonoegonondeep, bass sound2.3.2.3Types of sounds

ehidumaebidumans.t. that makes a loud deep soundEfula eduma niiri huupi hugwa.It thunders when rain is about to fall.4.2.3Music2.3.2.4Loud2.3.2.3Types of sounds

ehigalagalaebigalagalanululation; joyous yelling done by women3. of sounds

ehiholoŋiebiholoŋinwhistling; sound that comes out when s.b. blows into tightly cupped hands. Moving one hand produces different notesEhiholoŋi njamalala hu majanjasi aga muutu ahola natatambihise ehivuga ehibbote.Sound made by blowing in tightly cupped hands is one of the musical sounds made without using instruments. of soundsohuhubba ehiholoŋivwhistle; pucker the lips and blow in a hollow made with folded hands4.2.3.3Sing2.1.1.4Mouth2.3.2.3Types of sounds

ejanjaasiamajanjaasin1sound; what is heard by the earPulira amajanjaasi hyagabaatu abalira.I hear the sound of wailing people.; sounds that are made when s.b. talks or sings3.5.1.1Voice3noise2.3.2.4Loud2.3.2.2Sound2.3.2.3Types of sounds

epindoepindonsound made by the feet when walking2.3.2.3Types of sounds

ohubbulungutaniavmake a noise while knocking containers or pots together, e.g., in search of food7.2.1.7Move noisily2.3.2.4Loud2.3.2.3Types of sounds

ohudiriihav1make a purring noise, like an engineEhidirisi hidiriiha luhulu.The motor-car is running at a great speed lit. making a very great motor sound. sounds2.3.2.3Types of sounds2run very fast8.4.8.1Quick7.

ohududulavblare; make unpleasant loud noiseEtuleeni yanduduliye mu matwi ni yimbitaho.The train made irritating noise when passing by me. of soundsohududulyavhear s.t. again8.

ohuduma1v1thunder; make a loud noise like the one after lightningOmuutu afa ekuba saŋulira hudima hwayo.S.b. who dies of lightning does not hear its following thunder. of sounds2rumble; make a continuous low noiseEmere embi eyindiiye yigira muhida muli muduma.The bad food I ate is making my stomach rumble. of sounds

ohufumuhavboom; make a deep prolonged resonant sound2.3.2.4Loud2.3.2.3Types of sounds

ohufuuŋa omuluusivwhistle; make sound by blowing air past puckered lips4.2.3.3Sing2.1.1.4Mouth2.3.2.3Types of soundsder. ofomuluusi

ohuhahalavmake a crunching sound like disturbed dry leaves7.2.1.7Move noisily2.3.2.4Loud2.3.2.2Sound2.3.2.3Types of sounds

ohuhahanavsqueak; make a short high pitched soundOlwigi oluli nʼepata ejʼekonge, luhahana ni balwigula.A door with rusty hinges squeaks when being opened. of sounds

ohuhatirisavmake a series of tongue clicks to sooth an animal, e.g., a cowHatirisa eŋombe yeme oyisidihe.Coax the cow so that it stops to be tethered.6.4.6Things done to animals2.3.2.3Types of soundsder. ofohuhaata