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ahabiri2numtwice; s.t. done two times8.1.1.4Multiples8.

babiribabirinumin pairs; when people are two by two8.1.1.4Multiples8. group

efundaefundantimes, multiples; s.t. that indicates the frequency of an event or the number of timesGahaajira ŋano efunda ene.He has come here four times. of times

erongo1amalongon1birth of twinsAbasaaye bʼerongo saheja hu lyuba abaana ni bahiiri hwetondola.The parents of the twins don’t have conjugal contacts before the twins’ umbilical cords break off. births2ceremony when twins are born2.6.3.9Birth ceremony4.2.2.1Ceremony3two things or vents happening simultaneously or concurrently8.1.1.4Multiples8. group

ohubazavmultiply numbersBaza ene mu etaanu.Multiply four by five. numbers8.1.1.4Multiples8.1.1.3Number of times

omulundiemirundintimes, multiplied by; difference in amount between two things by multiplying one of them by the stated numberAgabana epeera emirundi edatu ohusinga ese.He earns three times more than I do.Ene emirundi ebiri jiba munaana.Four times two is eight.Guno mulundi gwahubiri.This is the second time. numbers8.1.1.4Multiples8.1.1.3Number of times