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ahaboneroobuboneron1sign, gesture, indication; s.t. that shows that s.t. else is happening or exists or will do so in the futureOhuhotamiraho omuutu habonero hʼohulaga eŋono.Bowing for s.b. is a sign of respect.Egulu ohuŋumaho bireri hiraga hiti endoboli yija.The cloudless sky shows that the dry season is approaching., symbol3.5.8.4Show, indicate3.5.6.1Gesture2.5.6Symptom of disease2written mark to show meaningMu Hubala mulimo obubonero obulaga ohugata, ohutusaho ohugabira nʼohuhubyamo.In Arithmetic there are marks for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.7.7.7Mark3.5.6Sign, symbol

egagaamagaganshoulder2.1.2Torso2.1.3.1Armohubbwaga amagagavIdiom. shrug; move your shoulders as a sign rebellion, rejection, or disdain3.3.5.2Reject3.5.6.1Gesture4.3.2.1Despise someone4.5.4.6Rebel against authority

ohubbwaga amagagavIdiom. shrug; move your shoulders as a sign rebellion, rejection, or disdainAhubbire amagaga ni bamuŋaaye enyama yembiiji ohuyirya ehiitu ehyʼomusisoHe shrugged his shoulders when he was given pork to eat,which is taboo. someone4.5.4.6Rebel against authorityder. ofegaga

ohuŋuubavswing s.t.Eŋombe yiŋuuba omuhira gwayo ohweŋemaho esoŋera.The cow swings its tail to chase flies away.7.3Move something7.2.2.8Move back and forthohuŋuuba omuhonovwave the hand, as a greeting3. farewell

ohweŋuubavswing after hanging, e.g., when committing suicide7.2.2.8Move back and forth7.

ohuŋwayav1wave at3. farewell2signal, flag down, e.g., a bus3.5.6.1Gesture3swat at; drive away mosquitoes, flies etc.6.4.6Things done to animals

ohusimiryavbeckon; motion with the hand to call s.b.

ohusiniolavmake a bilabial clicking sound by folding the lower lip and passing air between it and the teeth to show contempt and dislike4.5.5.2Lack respect2.1.1.4Mouth2.3.2.3Types of soundsohwesiniolav1sniff as a sign of disgust3.5.6.3Facial expression3., breath2make a tongue click as a sign of disgust4.8.4.1Rebuke4.5.5.2Lack respect2.3.2.3Types of sounds

ohutemyavwink; close one eye as a sign of s.t. expression3.5.6.1Gesture2.1.1.1Eye