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ahadaŋiroobudaŋironsmall domestic basket esp. used for serving millet porridge or for drawing grains or liquids6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats6.7.3Carrying tool5.1Household equipment5.2.1.5Serve food6.7.7Container

ahamegero2obumegeronsmall pot for millet beer into which the overflowing beer from a bigger pot is put5.2.1.4Food storage5.2.1.3Cooking utensil6.7.7Container5. preparation

ahasemboobusembonlid; small cover for a container7.3.7Cover6.7.7Container

ahatamuobutamunsmall cooking pot made from clay or metal5.2.1.4Food storage5.2.1.3Cooking utensil6.7.7Container

ebbakuliebbakulinbowl, dish; container in which sauce is servedJuha eryani mu bbakuli.Pour the sauce into a bowl. utensil5.2.1.5Serve food6.7.7Container

ebbaamoamabbaamonwoven basket in which fish are caught instead of using a hook6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats6.7.3Carrying tool6.4.5.3Fishing equipment6.7.7Container

ebbeeseniebbeeseniEnglishnbasin; plastic container used for bathing or washing clothes5.6.4Wash clothes5.6.2Bathe6.7.7Container

ecupaecupanbottle; container for liquids usually made from glass or plastic, with a narrow neck6.7.7Container

edebeamaleben1tin; container5.2.1.4Food storage6.7.7Container2measure of volume of four imperial gallons8.1Quantity8.2.8Measure

edulaamuedulaamunlarge container, containing more than 200 litres, that is mostly used to store liquid6.6.7.2Conveying water6.7.7Container

ehibangeebibangenlarge earthenware pot with a wide mouth for cooking or washing plates and other cooking utensils5.2.1.4Food storage5.6.3Wash dishes5.2.1.3Cooking utensil6.7.7Containerehibange ohugwavMetaphor. cool water for mingling millet bread5.2.1Food preparation8.3.4.1Cold

ehibyaebibyanearthen plate; ancient eating vessel made of clay6.6.2.4Working with clay5.2.2.8Eating utensil5.2.1.5Serve food6.7.7Container

ehidomooloebidomoolonjerry can; container made from plastic that is used for carrying things6.6.7.2Conveying water7.3.1Carry5.5.6Fuel5.1Household equipment6.7.7Container

ehidoomoebidoomonsalt container; traditional calabash container for keeping salt5.2.1.4Food storage5.2.3.3Cooking ingredients5.

ehigegaebigegancontainer for carrying6.7.3Carrying tool6.7.7Containerehigega amaajincontainer in which water is put for carrying6.6.7.2Conveying water6.6.7Working with water6.7.7Container

ehigega amaajiebigega amaajincontainer in which water is put for carrying6.6.7.2Conveying water6.6.7Working with water6.7.7Containerder. ofehigega

ehigwataebigwatanlarge-sized gourd cut in halves or the content of the two halves5.2.1.4Food storage1.5.3Grass, herb, vine6.7.7Container

ehiherehoebiherehonold dish used in filtering salt solution from ash5.

ehinaabaebinaabanlarge basketJʼoleete ebinaaba hugehisemo obule.Go and bring the large baskets for we are to harvest millet. baskets and mats6.7.3Carrying tool5.1Household equipment6.7.7Container

ehiŋaanyirovar.endayiroebiŋaanyironseed basket; small basket in which grain for sowing is carried6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats6.7.3Carrying tool5.1Household equipment6.7.7Container