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ahabbaaniobubbaaniLugandan1resin or incense from the purple canary tree that gives off sweet smelling smoke when burntObubbaani butera ohudunyisiwa hu mikolo jʼamadiini agandi.Incense from the purple canary tree is usually burnt during some religious rituals. with chemicals1.5.5Parts of a plant2.3.4Smell2sweet smelling smoke from the bark of an incense or purple canary tree5.5.5What fires produce4.9.8Religious things2.3.4Smell

ahajiraasi ahʼohugehesyangamo ebiitu mu laabbuobujiraasi obwʼohugehesyangamo ebiitu mu laabbuntest tube6.6.2.9Working with chemicals

dezeroEnglishndiesel; heavier fuel than petrol that is used in enginesAmafuta ga desero gaduha pola ohusinga petololi.Diesel is slower in burning than petrol. with chemicals5.5.6Fuel

ehigo hyʼamafutaebigo byʼamafutanpetrol, gas station; place where petrol and other oils are kept for vehicles to use6.6.2.6Working with oil and gas6.6.2.9Working with chemicals5.5.6Fuelder. ofehigo1

ehiitaebiitans.t. lethal; that can stop life, e.g., poison6.6.2.9Working with chemicals2.5.3.2Poison4.9.4.1Sorcery2.6.6.1Kill

ekoleroamakoleronfactory; building where goods are manufactured by collective production6.5.1Building6.9Business organizationekolero lya petololinpetroleum industry6.6.2.6Working with oil and gas6.6.2.9Working with chemicals5.5.6Fuel

etadoobaetadoobankerosene candle; small lamp made from an old tin using paraffin to light the wick8. sourceetadooba yo mu laabbunbunsen burner3.6.6Science8. source6.6.2.9Working with chemicals

gaasigaasiEnglishnbutane, propane gas; type of air stored in tanks that can be used as fuel or that may be poisonous to human beings1.2.3.3Gas1.2.3Solid, liquid, gas6.6.2.9Working with chemicals5.5.6Fuel

obutwanpoison; s.t. that kills a living thing or that makes it sick6.6.2.9Working with chemicals2.5.3.2Poison4.9.4.1Sorcery2.6.6.1Kill

ohuliitavclot. coagulate; become solid, of a liquidAmabeere ganagona nʼotagawiihire, galiita.When milk stays overnight uncovered, it clots., firm1.2.3Solid, liquid, gas6.6.2.9Working with chemicals2.2.5Bleed, blood1.1.3.4Snow, ice1.2.3.1Liquid

ohuyengavmake a solution using water as a solventOmwana ni geduhana oyenga cumbi ni sukali wamunywesa.When a child has diarrhoea you mix salt and sugar and make him drink the mixture. with chemicals1.3.5Solutions of water7.5.3Mix

okisijeeniokisijeeniEnglishnoxygen; air we breatheOkisijeeni eyi huŋeera aŋwa mu mahoola gʼebisaala.The oxygen we breathe is from the leaves of trees. with chemicals1.1.2Air

omutupuemitupunconcentrated solutionGatabuuye ecupa yʼomwenge gwʼepandu ko ne ya biya nga kwanywa omutupu.He mixed a bottle of banana beer and that one of bottled beer and then drank the concentrated mixture. with chemicals7.5.3.1Pure, unmixed1.3.5Solutions of water

omuuyan1air; s.t. invisible and intangible that can be blown or breathedOmuuya gunaba mutono mu mupiira gwʼegali seeduluma bulaŋi.If there is little air in the bicycle tyre it does not run properly., liquid, gas1.1.2Air2gas; s.t. that is neither a solid nor a liquid that is able to increase its size and fill any containerMu cupa mwali muuya mwerere simwali hiitu.There was only gas in the bottle; nothing else., liquid, gas6.6.2.9Working with chemicals5.5.6Fuel1.1.2Airohuŋwamo omuuyavEuph. die2.6.6Die
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