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ahadaŋiroobudaŋironsmall domestic basket esp. used for serving millet porridge or for drawing grains or liquids6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats6.7.3Carrying tool5.1Household equipment5.2.1.5Serve food6.7.7Container

ebbulaasiebbulaasiEnglishnbrush; tool usually made of wood with short hair structures that is used for scrubbing, painting houses or tidying the hair6.5.3.1Building equipment and maintenance6.6.5.1Draw, paint5.6Cleaning5.1Household equipment5.4.4Care for the teeth5.6.5Sweep, rake5.4.3.1Comb hair

ehidomooloebidomoolonjerry can; container made from plastic that is used for carrying things6.6.7.2Conveying water7.3.1Carry5.5.6Fuel5.1Household equipment6.7.7Container

ehinaabaebinaabanlarge basketJʼoleete ebinaaba hugehisemo obule.Go and bring the large baskets for we are to harvest millet. baskets and mats6.7.3Carrying tool5.1Household equipment6.7.7Container

ehiŋaanyirovar.endayiroebiŋaanyironseed basket; small basket in which grain for sowing is carried6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats6.7.3Carrying tool5.1Household equipment6.7.7Container

ehiseroebiseron1basket; woven structure from twigs or mid ribs of the Borassus palm that is used for carrying or storing things6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats6.7.3Carrying tool5.1Household equipment6.7.7Container2hair plaited in the shape of a basket5.4.3.4Hairstyle5.4.3.2Plait hair

ehyomunjuebyomunjunpiece of furniture, utensils, crockery etc. in a house5.8Manage a house5.1Household equipment

ehyonjoebyonjonwicker basket; big basket in which poultry is transported6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats6.7.3Carrying tool5.1Household equipment6.7.7Container

ekamiroekamironpail; wooden container in which milking of cows or goats is done5.1Household equipment6.3.3Milk6.7.7Container

endobo1endobonbucket, pail; container with an open top and a handle, often used to carry liquids6.6.7.2Conveying water6.6.7Working with water5.1Household equipment6.7.7Containerohwehubba endobovIdiom. contradict yourself; go against what you have already said3. your mind

enungoenungonbasket for drying things; place above the fire place that is used for drying things6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats5.1Household equipment6.7.7Container

omusubbaawaemisubbaawancandle; cylindrical piece of wax with a wick in the middle of it that produces light as it burns8. source5.1Household equipment4.9.8Religious things