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ahaduhuobuduhuntree used for medicine1.5.1Tree2.5.7.3Medicinal plants

amafaafavar.amafafaefaafanWandering Dew; plant with a stem trailing along the ground, commonly regarded as a weed among crops. It has blue flowers. Its leaves are used as sauce and its roots are believed to cure venereal diseases and menstruation problemssp. Commelina africana, fam. Cmmelinaceae1.5.3Grass, herb, vine5. from leaves2.5.7.3Medicinal plants

amagumbaegumbanbones, skeleton; hard parts inside the body of s.b. or an animal that support it2.1.6Bone, joint6.6.4.4Working with bone1.6.2Parts of an animalehiŋamba amagumban1Idiom. interesting thing; s.t. that arouses interest4.3.1.2Meet a standard3.4.1.1Like, love8.3.7.7Right, proper3.4.1.4Interested2Idiom. suitable thing8., size8.3.7.7Right, properhayunga magumbanmedicinal herb; medicinal herb for treating broken bones2.5.7Treat disease2.5.7.5Traditional medicine2.5.7.2Medicine1.5.3Grass, herb, vine2.5.7.3Medicinal plantsohukutuha egumbavget a compound fracture2.1.6Bone, joint7.8.1Break2.5.3Injure7.8.2Crackohwonga amagumbavset a fracture; align bones straight and set in plaster2.5.7Treat disease

dolodondodolodondonplant growing up to 2m in swamps that has thorns. The filtrate of its ashes is used as salt and, in a form of fumigation. It is also traditionally used in treating corneal ulcersAmahoola ga dolodondo goosi gaganga omutwe.The leaves of the ‘hygrophila’ shrub are also used for treating headaches.sp. Hygrophila auriculata (Asteracantha longifolia) fam. Acanthaceae1.5.2Bush, shrub2.5.7.3Medicinal plants

dumbaniadumbanianMimosa herb; plant of the Mimosa family that grows up to 30 cm and that bears seeds in pods1.5.3Grass, herb, vine2.5.7.3Medicinal plants

ehibinubinuebibinubinunCandle Bush; shrub that grows to a height of 3 m and has yellow flowers. It grows in grassland and near forests. It is believed to cure several diseases such as stomach ache, ringworm, gonorrhoea and othersEhibinubinu hyaponeheseye omwana nʼalwaye muhida.The Candle bush cured my child when he had stomach ache.sp. Cassia didymobotrya fam. Caesalpiniaceae1.5.1Tree2.5.7.3Medicinal plants

ehihahaleebihahalen1Croton; plant with a hollow red stem and broad leavesAmoola gʼemisi jʼehihahale amaŋuule ganywewa gaganga ehihololo hyakokolo.A concoction of the bark of the roots of the croton tree is taken as a remedy for tuberculosis.sp. Croton sylvaticus fam. Euphorbiaceae1.5.2Bush, shrub2.5.7.3Medicinal plants2castor oil plantsp. Ricinus communis1.5.2Bush, shrub

ehiholoebiholontree trunk; part of the plant that is in the ground, nearest to the rootsOnatemera ŋaasi bugali emiguulo ebiholo sibisebuha.If you cut the poles for house construction very low, the remaining part will not sprout.1.5.5Parts of a plantehiholo hyʼobulesinmedicinal plant2.5.7Treat disease2.5.7.5Traditional medicine2.5.7.2Medicine1.5.3Grass, herb, vine2.5.7.3Medicinal plants

ehihwiebihwinmedicine made from the root of a tree that can take different forms and is believed to not cure, but bring different kinds of trouble4.4.2Trouble2.5.7.5Traditional medicine2.5.7.2Medicine2.5.7.3Medicinal plants

ehinyaaminyaamiebinyaaminyaaminherb that grows up to 2 m with ridges on its stem that is used in treating illnesses1.5.3Grass, herb, vine2.5.7.3Medicinal plants

ehiroowaebiroowanPig nut fig; tree that is a common boundary plant between plots of land, whose sap is applied on fresh woundsOnahuula ehiroowa hyʼolubibi guba musango.If you uproot a boundary fig nut tree, you commit a crime.sp. Jatropha curcas fam. Euphorbiaceae1.5.1Tree2.5.7.3Medicinal plants

ehitandalaebitandalanAloe vera; plant resembling the pineapple with fragile leaves that have bitter sapsp. Aloe barbadensis fam. Liliaceae1.5.2Bush, shrub1.5.3Grass, herb, vine2.5.7.3Medicinal plants

ehyanirakubaebyanirakubanmedicinal plant that has leaves that are heated and used as a poultice2.5.7Treat disease2.5.7.5Traditional medicine2.5.7.2Medicine1.5.3Grass, herb, vine2.5.7.3Medicinal plants

ekayugeekayugencreeping vine sp. that produces a pod with edible nuts that are believed to possess aphrodisiac powerssp. Tylosema fassoglensis fam. Caesalpiniaceae1.5.3Grass, herb, vine2.5.7.3Medicinal plants

ekoboekobonplant used in treating skin diseases1.5Plant2.5.7.3Medicinal plants

emboŋaemboŋancreeping plant sp. similar to ‘Cissus quadrangularis’ that is used for tying things, esp. when building, for food on a journey, and as medicine1.5Plant7.5.4.1Rope, string2.5.7.3Medicinal plants

enderemaenderemanMalabar spinach or Soap spinach; creeping plant sp. whose leaves are used as sauce or medicine in child delivery and throat painssp. Basella alba fam. Basellaceae5. from vegetables1.5.3Grass, herb, vine5. from leaves2.5.7.3Medicinal plants

epangulaepangulancreeping vine sp. that is sometimes used to treat ailments1.5.3Grass, herb, vine2.5.7.3Medicinal plants

eposaeposancreeping plant whose leaves are used as medicine1.5Plant2.5.7.3Medicinal plants

esulasulaesulasulanTagetes; plant that grows to a height of 2 m, with a peculiar odour that is used in getting rid of chicken mites, and in treating sicknessOhuŋunya hwʼebinanjaaye njʼohugira ebiwuuka ni bibitya.The pungent smell of the Tagetes repels insects.sp. Tagetes erecta fam. Compositae1.5Plant2.5.7.3Medicinal plants

etoogaetooganpurple fruits of a tree that grows to a height of 5 m, and sometimes climbs otherssp. Carisa edulis fam. Apocynaceae1.5.1Tree5. from fruit2.5.7.3Medicinal plants