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ahagalyoobugalyonmillet yeast; small amount of millet beer used as yeast when brewing banana beer5. preparation

ahamegero2obumegeronsmall pot for millet beer into which the overflowing beer from a bigger pot is put5.2.1.4Food storage5.2.1.3Cooking utensil6.7.7Container5. preparation

ehibbaahiroebibbaahironplace where flour is mixed with water for it to ferment, in the process of making millet beer5. preparation

ehibbundeebibbundenbeverage made from millet beer that is two days old5.2.3.7Alcoholic beverage5. preparation

ehigulyoebigulyonsmall quantity of millet beer that is added to banana juice as a catalyst when making banana beer5. preparation

ehiresiebiresinchemical used when preparing ‘waragi’, an intoxicating spirit5. preparation

enyweroenyweronpot from that alcoholic drinks like banana and millet beer are served5.2.1.5Serve food6.7.7Container5. preparation

epiisanmethod of brewing local alcohol5. preparation

epolwenmillet beer; millet beer taken without hot water in it5.2.3.7Alcoholic beverage5. preparation

esaŋulaesaŋulansieve; part at the lower end of the tube for sucking esp. millet beer1.3.6Water quality5.2.2.7Drink7.5.3.1Pure, unmixed5. preparation

esongoesongonpot; earthenware container in which either millet beer or banana beer is prepared5.2.1.4Food storage5.6.3Wash dishes5.2.1.3Cooking utensil6.7.7Container5. preparation

etemwaetemwanbanana, used as food and in preparing banana beer5. from fruit6. bananas5. preparation

kisubikisubinbanana slightly bigger than ‘embiye’ from which juice is extracted for making banana beer5. from fruit6. bananas5. preparation

manjaayamanjaayanthickest type of cooking bananas that are sometimes eaten when ripe5. from fruit6. bananas5. preparation

obumerinyeast; partially germinated millet that is used when brewing millet beer5. preparation

ohubwalaunspec. var.ohuwaala2vskim a liquidBwaala esiŋo hu mwenge.Skim the husks of sorghum from the banana beer.5.2.1Food preparation5. preparation1.2.3.1Liquid

ohubbaahavmake flour into a paste for fermenting in the process of brewing beerAmalwa banabbaaha gahena esabbiti edatu ko bagahalanga.It is after three weeks that the fermented paste, for millet beer making, is roasted. preparation

ohugoyavbrew beerGagoyire amalwa ni kwete.He brewed both millet and maize beer. preparation

ohuhalangav1fry; cook food in oil5.2.1.1Cooking methods2roast fermented flour for millet beer5. preparation
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