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ebiriihaehiriihanedible things that are used as food5.2Food

ehinoliebinolinfood, delicious, palatable food or s.t. delectable5.2Food2.3.3Taste5.2.3.4Prepared food

ehitoleebitolenlump of food that fits in one handHu hiŋulo gamegireho ebitole bitaanu ebyʼobusima nga geguta.At the meal he had five lumps of millet and got satisfied. food7.5.2.2Stick together

ehyʼohugaayaebyʼohugaayanfood; s.t. to eat5.2Food

ehyʼohulyaebyʼohulyanfood; s.t. edible5.2Food

ehyʼohumiraebyʼohumirans.t. to be swallowed, esp. food5.2Food

emereLugandanthings that are eaten by people and animals, or used by plants so that they can live and grow5.2Foodemere ekalangenfried food; food cooked in hot oil5.2.1.1Cooking methodsemere ekalenfood dried over the fireplace1.3.3.1Dry8. foodemere epeeresenfood; food sent to s.b. foodemere etaliihaninedible food5.2.3Types of food5.2.3.4Prepared food

esumbaesumbanfood gift; ritual meal given by a newly married woman to begin a home5.2Food4.2.2.3Celebrate2.6.1Marriage

etomeamatomenlump of food like millet or bananas8.1.6.2Piece5.2Food5.2.1.5Serve food7.5.2.2Stick together