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ahahisiobuhisinDik-Dik; even-toed ruminant that is grizzled gray-brown with whitish under parts. It is 60 cm tall, and is huntedsp. Madoqua saltiana fam. Bovidae1. animals

ebalagiebalaginCokes Hartebeest; tan brown animal of the antelope family with horns forming a bracket shapesp. Alcelaphus buselaphus cockii fam Bovidae1. animals

ekooliekoolinMaasai Giraffe; tallest animal in the world with a prehensile tongue of 45 cm. It has brown blotches against a white background all over its bodysp. Giraffa camelopardalis fam. Giraffidae1. animals

ekuloekulonCommon Eland; brown ruminant slightly bigger than a goat, with a longish tail and tassels at the chest and humpsp. Tragelaphus ( Taurotragus ) oryx Order ArtiodactylaTribeTragelaphini1. animals

emaaduemaadunSteinbok; wild even-toed hoofed animal that resembles a goat but that has longer legsEmaadu yitera ohuboneha nʼeduluma mu luhoola ŋagati wʼebifoaŋohwehweha.A Steinbok is often seen dashing across open ground between patches of cover.sp. Raphicerus campestris Order: Artiodactyla Tribe: Neotragini1. animals

embalaasiembalaasinhorse; large herbivore with a flowing mane, a tail of coarse hair, and undivided hoofssp. Equus caballus fam. Equidae6.3.1Domesticated animal1. animals6.3.1.7Beast of burden

embiriembirinHippopotamus; large amphibian with a smooth skin and that feeds on grasssp. Hippopotamus amphibius fam. Hippopotamidae1. animals

embiijiembiijin1pig; omnivorous animal that is both domestic and wild, and has hooves that are cloven in the middlesp. Sus scrofa fam. Suidae. Order Artiodactyla1. animals6.3.1.4Pig2Giant Forest Hog; hoofed wild animal that is omnivorous with a thick fatty skin and protruding canine teethsp. Hylochoerus meinertzhageni fam. Suidae1. animals6.3.1.4Pig

embogoembogonCape Buffalo; wild animal of the same kind as a cow that is 3.5 m long and 1.5 m highsp. Syncerus caffer. fam. Bovidae1. animals

embusiembusingoat; domestic ruminant, resembling the sheep, that is kept for its milk and meatsp. Tribe Caprini. genus Capra fam. Bovidae6.3.1Domesticated animal1. animals6.3.1.3Goatohweyagira omunwa hyʼembusivIdiom. have nothing, be poor8.1.7.2Lack6.8.1.3Poor4.5.6.2Low status4.1.4.1Social class

engiriengirinWarthog; wild pig with a pair of tusks protruding from its mouth and pointing upwardssp. Phachoerus africanus fam. Suidae1. animals

enjobeenjobenSitatunga; antelope sp. similar to a goat, but that is taller and more powerfully builtsp. Tragelaphus spekii fam. Ungulates1. animals

enjofuenjofunElephant; very large animal with tusks and a trunk with which it picks things upsp. Loxodonta africana fam. Elephantidae1. animals

epalaepalanUganda kob; tawny brown animal of the goat family that features in Uganda’s coat of armssp. Kobus kob thomas fam. Bovidae tribe Reduncini1. animals

epayaepayanbilly-goat, he-goat; male goat1. animals6.3.1.3Goat

etalaganyaetalaganyanDorcas Gazelle; tawny wild ruminant, the size of a goat with even-toed hoofssp. Gazella dorcas fam. Bovidae1. animals

etaamaetaamansheep; domestic ruminant with even-toed hoofed feet that is kept for its meatsp. Ovis aries fam. Bovidae5.2.3.2Food from animals6.3.1.2Sheep1. animals

gwapetogwapetonzebra; animal that is built like a horse with black and white stripes all over its bodysp. Equus burchellii fam. Equidae1. animals

musinimusininBlack Rhinoceros; large animal that develops one long horn and one short one on its nosesp. Diceros bicornis fam. Rhinocerotidae1. animals

nalujabajanalujabajan1cow that gives a lot of milk6.3.1.1Cattle1.6.7Male and female animals6.3.1Domesticated animal1. animals2bush from which leaves are gathered to feed cows to produce more milk1.5.2Bush, shrub

namamyanamamyanKirk’s Dik-Dik; wild gray animal that is as big as a goat, with a rudimentary tail and short sharp horns. It measures 70 cmsp. Madoqua kirkii fam. Bovidae tribe Neotragini1. animals

namolinamolinCommon Duiker, Grey Duiker, Bush Duiker; greenish-brown animal resembling a goat but with longer legs that feeds on grasssp. Sylvicapra grimmia fam. Bovidae1. animals

nasugiryaabanasugiryandonkey; domesticated animal resembling the horse but smaller with larger earssp. Equus asinus fam. Equidae6.3.1Domesticated animal1. animals6.3.1.7Beast of burden