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ahahuluusiobuhuluusintorn quick; skin torn at the root of a finger or toe nail5.4.7Care for the fingernails2.1.4Skin

amajancracks in dry skin, e.g., in the heel2.5.2.2Skin disease2.1.4Skin

efunyiefunyinfolds on the body, esp. on the baby’s limbs2.1.4Skin

egodeamagodenskin or hide of an animal whose hairs have been removed, usually in preparation for it to be boiled as sauce6.3.7Animal products6.6.4.3Working with leather2.1.4Skin

ehihaataebihaatanone of several scars left by small sores that have healed5.4.6Ritual scar2.5.3Injure2.1.4Skin

ehihobololoebihobololontough skin; hardened outside part of the palm or sole2.1.4Skin2.4Body condition

ehiŋanduebiŋandun1crust of millet that sticks on the cooking pot when mingling8.1.7.4Remain, remainder5.2.3.4Prepared food2dry nasal mucus in the noseTusa ebiŋandu musulu.Remove the dried mucus from your nostrils.2.2.4Mucus2.1.1.3Nose3scab; part of the skin that covers a healing wound2.5.1.1Recover from sickness2.5.2.2Skin disease2.2.5Bleed, blood2.1.4Skin

ehipalaebipalan1mark, spot, blotch; stain on s.t. that is difficult to removeCai owʼamabeere anatonya hu lugoye alehaŋo ehipala.When milk tea pours on a cloth, it leaves a stain.Ebigenge bya mutaaye ehipala mu weeni.Leprosy left a patch on his face.7.7.7Mark8. color, marking5.6.1Clean, dirty8. color8. left after cutting the skin, e.g., after circumcision5.4.6Ritual scar2.5.3Injure2.1.4Skin

ehyanjoebyanjon1skin; part that covers an animal’s bodyEsolo ejʼomumaaji sijitera hubaho mooya hu byanjo byajo.Aquatic animals hardly have hair on their skins.2.1.7Flesh2.1.4Skin1.6.2Parts of an animal2animal hide; part that covered the body of any animal that has been removed and processedEbyanjo baholaamo engaato.Shoes are made from animal hides.6.3.7Animal products6.6.4.3Working with leather2.1.4Skin3garment made from animal skin for a clan spirit medium5.3.5Clothes for special people

ekanyanyaekanyanyantemporary paralysis brought about by limited blood circulationAfumbire ohugulu ebbanga ereeŋi gafuna ekanyanya.He folded his leg for sometime and got temporary paralysis.2.3.5Sense of touch2.1.4Skin8.4.2.4Temporary

emambaemambanscar; place on the body where there was a wound that has healedAli nʼemamba mu weeni aŋa wamwe gamutemire.She carries a scar on her face where her husband cut her.5.4.6Ritual scar2.5.3Injure2.1.4Skin

esaamo2esaamonfacial wrinkles3.5.6.3Facial expression2.1.4Skinohusala esaamovMetaphor. wrinkle the skin on the face3.5.6.3Facial expression

obuhaluuhinstate of being rough-skinnedObuhaluuhi buwe buŋwa hu ndya embi.His being rough-skinned is caused by bad feeding. disease2.1.4Skin2.4Body condition

obuhaapinstate of a skin or hide being toughEhyanjo ehihaapi cehibamo engaato engumu.It is from toughened skins that strong shoes are made. with leather2.1.4Skin

ohuhaluuhav1be rough in texture8.3.2.2Rough2be rough-skinnedOmuutu atasabira sabbuuni aba nʼomubiri omuhalabbu.S.b. who does not bathe with soap is rough-skinned.

ohuhaapavbecome tough, of skinEhyanjo onahyaniha mu mumwi hihaapa.If you dry a skin in the sunshine it toughens., firm2.1.4Skin

ohuhoseresavbecome pale, ashen, anaemic-looking; lose your natural colourMubiri gwange guhoseresa.My body is becoming pale. of disease8. color8.3.3.3Color2.1.4Skin

oluhobololoekobololonskin; body tissue of an animal or human2.1.7Flesh2.1.4Skin1.6.2Parts of an animal