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ahahwesoobuhwesonhem; piece of cloth sewn along the edge of a lady’s garment5.3.6Parts of clothing6.6.1Working with cloth6.6.1.1Cloth8.6.6Edge

egemoamagemonhem, seam; edge of a cloth or a handkerchief that is folded and sewn to prevent fraying5.3.6Parts of clothing6.6.1Working with cloth6.6.1.1Cloth8.6.6Edge

ehifiifiebifiifinstained cottonFamba fiifi agula bbeyi ya ŋaasi ohusinga saafi.Spoiled cotton costs less than the clean cotton. product6.6.1Working with cloth6.6.1.1Cloth

ehikooŋiebikooŋinpetticoat; woman’s sheet worn under the rest of her clothes5.3.2Women's clothing6.6.1.1Cloth

ehipande1ebipandenpiece of unsewn cloth6.6.1Working with cloth6.6.1.1Cloth

ehiroodoebiroodonstrand of bark cloth tree that is used in twining ropes6.2.5.4Plant product7.5.4.1Rope, string1.5.5Parts of a plant6.6.1.1Cloth

ehitambaalaebitambaalan1handkerchief; small piece of cloth for holding in the hands2.2.4Mucus2scarf; piece of cloth tied over the head7.3.7.2Wrap5.3.2Women's clothingehitambaala hyohumeezantablecloth; piece of cloth for covering a table5.1.2Household decoration6.6.1.1Cloth5.1.1.1Table

ehitambaala hyohumeezaebitambaala byohumeezantablecloth; piece of cloth for covering a table5.1.2Household decoration6.6.1.1Cloth5.1.1.1Tableder. ofehitambaala

ehitambiebitambinwoman’s cloth larger than ‘ekikoyi’ that she wears under her dress5.3.2Women's clothing6.6.1.1Cloth

ejoolaamajoolanmaterial, piece of cloth; whole sheet of cloth before it is cut to make clothes6.6.1Working with cloth6.6.1.1Cloth

ekaabbaekaabbanfabric off cut; piece of cloth cut off when making a lady’s bodiceWange peeho ekaabba eyi basalire hu gomasi yiyo enando.Hey, give me the piece cut off from your red bodice.6.6.1Working with cloth6.6.1.1Cloth

esuukaamasuukan1sheet of cloth that is not sewn into a garment6.6.1Working with cloth6.6.1.1Cloth2sewn cloth without sleeves5.3Clothing5.3.4Clothes for special occasions3shroud; sheet wrapped around the dead body before burial2.6.6.3Funeral7.3.7.2Wrap2.6.6.5Bury4bed sheet; cloth to cover the body with when sleeping5.1.1.3Bed

ohufundihav1tie into a knotFundiha bulaŋi omugoye,embusi etesitula.Tie the knot of the rope properly so that the goat does not untie itself.Bahasi bafundiha epesa humusibiro.Women tie money in their sashes.7.5.2Join, attach8.2.7.1Tight6.7.5Fastening tool7.5.2.1Link, connect7.5.4.1Rope, string7.5.4Tie2complete; come to the end of doing s.t.Fundihira ebyuliho wuje kutumeho.Finalise what you are doing and come; I would like you to do s.t. for me.Oluhiiho lwafundihiiye esaawa ehumi.The meeting closed up at four o’clock. something6., finish8.; sew the last part of a clothKenire ohutunga ehiteteeyi hihyo, ŋahani ndi mu hufundiha.I have finished sewing your dress; now, I am just hemming it.5.3.6Parts of clothing6.6.1Working with cloth6.6.1.1Cloth8.6.6Edge4ohuheneresa ohuhamba omugoyeFundiha omugoye; obuleeŋi bwʼoguhambireho ogwo buhena.End weaving the rope; the length you have weaved is enough. something6., finish8., start maturing, said of a cropDuuma afundiha.Maize is starting to mature. in food preparation6.2.5Harvest1.5.6Growth of plants

omugayireemigayiren1Bark-cloth fig; tree that grows up to 20m tall, and whose bark is processed into bark cloth for wearing or for wrapping corpsesOmugayire gulimo ehiŋolu hyʼepandu ehiraŋi.The bark cloth tree provides very good shade for banana trees.sp. Ficus natalensis fam. Moraceae1.5.1Tree2sheet beaten out of the bark of a bark cloth treeHalehale abasinde bambalanga emigayire ni baja ohuhyala.Long ago men used to wear bark cloths when going to visit. product5.3.3Traditional clothing5.3.4Clothes for special occasions1.5.5Parts of a plant6.6.1.1Cloth3robes of bark cloth or a figurative term for clothingEngubo yʼomusinde enpibwa mu mugayire.Man’s clothing sewn from a bark-cloth. product5.3.3Traditional clothing5.3.4Clothes for special occasions1.5.5Parts of a plant6.6.1.1Cloth4burial gift; condolence money collected at a funeralBafunire esiringi emitwalo ebiri ejʼemigayire.They obtained 20,000 shillings as burial fees. sympathy, support6.8.3.1Give, donate2.6.6.5Bury