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ahahwesoobuhwesonhem; piece of cloth sewn along the edge of a lady’s garment5.3.6Parts of clothing6.6.1Working with cloth6.6.1.1Cloth8.6.6Edge

ahajabundeobujabunden1small piece of anything7.8.1Break7.9.1Damage2end point, esp. the corner of a courtyard8.6Parts of things8.6.7End, point8.6.6Edge3extent to which s.b. or s.t. reaches in sizeMusinde mutoto, wa hajabunde ha kilo ane joŋene.He is a small man weighing forty kg only.

amakoonaekoonaEnglishncorner; point where two converging sides, walls, or roads etc. meet8.6Parts of things8.6.6Edge

egemoamagemonhem, seam; edge of a cloth or a handkerchief that is folded and sewn to prevent fraying5.3.6Parts of clothing6.6.1Working with cloth6.6.1.1Cloth8.6.6Edge

egoboamagobonbank, shore; land along the edge of a river or a lake or a seaBaali bahosiira obutimba hwigobo lyʼenyanja.They were mending the nets at the shore of the sea., lake1.3.1.3River6.5.4.2Boundary1.3.1.5Island, shore8.6.3Side8.6.6Edge

ehyʼesondaebyʼesondans.t. that has corners, e.g., a square or rectangular object8.3.1Shape8.3.1.7Square8.6Parts of things8.6.6Edge

ekalikonoloekalikonoloncorner; place where two walls meet and bend, or where two roads meet and bend8.6Parts of things8.6.6Edge

esaloesalonboundary; line often not drawn showing the separation between two pieces of land or two countries7.3.6.3Limit6.5.4.2Boundary6.5.1.3Land, property4.6.7.1Country8.6.6Edge

esondaesondan1corner; point or place where two sides like walls meet8.6Parts of things8.6.6Edge2peak; point where two sides of a roof meet6.5.2Parts of a building8.6.2Top8.2.6.3High6.5.2.2Roofeyʼesonda enenIdiom. grave2.6.6.6Grave2.6.6.5Bury

ohufundihav1tie into a knotFundiha bulaŋi omugoye,embusi etesitula.Tie the knot of the rope properly so that the goat does not untie itself.Bahasi bafundiha epesa humusibiro.Women tie money in their sashes.7.5.2Join, attach8.2.7.1Tight6.7.5Fastening tool7.5.2.1Link, connect7.5.4.1Rope, string7.5.4Tie2complete; come to the end of doing s.t.Fundihira ebyuliho wuje kutumeho.Finalise what you are doing and come; I would like you to do s.t. for me.Oluhiiho lwafundihiiye esaawa ehumi.The meeting closed up at four o’clock. something6., finish8.; sew the last part of a clothKenire ohutunga ehiteteeyi hihyo, ŋahani ndi mu hufundiha.I have finished sewing your dress; now, I am just hemming it.5.3.6Parts of clothing6.6.1Working with cloth6.6.1.1Cloth8.6.6Edge4ohuheneresa ohuhamba omugoyeFundiha omugoye; obuleeŋi bwʼoguhambireho ogwo buhena.End weaving the rope; the length you have weaved is enough. something6., finish8., start maturing, said of a cropDuuma afundiha.Maize is starting to mature. in food preparation6.2.5Harvest1.5.6Growth of plants

oludangadiendangadinwheel rim, esp. for a bicycle rim, but also for car or lorry rims7.

omugoemigonrim; extremity of a circular item such as the edge part of a plate8.6.6Edge