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ahajabundeobujabunden1small piece of anything7.8.1Break7.9.1Damage2end point, esp. the corner of a courtyard8.6Parts of things8.6.7End, point8.6.6Edge3extent to which s.b. or s.t. reaches in sizeMusinde mutoto, wa hajabunde ha kilo ane joŋene.He is a small man weighing forty kg only.

ehibbwagihiebibbwagihins.t. that is in pieces, that is brokenAmeeno amabwagihi gaba moogi ate matundutunu.Broken teeth are jagged and not whole.7.8.1Break7.8.4Tear, rip7.8.2Crack7.9.3Destroy7.8Divide into pieces7.9.1Damage7.9Break, wear out

ehyadihiebyadihinbroken thingEgi eyadihire siryalula.A broken egg does not hatch.7.8.1Break7.8.4Tear, rip7.8.2Crack7.9.3Destroy7.8Divide into pieces7.9.1Damage7.9Break, wear out

obwononohindefect; incorrectness; spoilageEgaali eriho obwononohi.The bicycle has a spoilt part.4.4.2Trouble8., unsuitable4.

ohubulunguhavcrumble; cause s.t. to break into small pieces7.8.1Breakohubulungulav1destroy, damage, smash, disintegrate s.t. by crumbling it7.9.2Tear down7.8.1Break4., take apart7.9.3Destroy7.9.1Damage7.9Break, wear out2thresh maize so that seeds are removed from the cobs6.2.6.3Thresh6.2.6Process harvest

ohubbongohavbe broken at a certain pointEtamu ebbongohiireho omuniga.The pot is broken at the rim.7.8.1Break7.8.4Tear, rip7.9.3Destroy7.8Divide into pieces7.9.1Damage7.9Break, wear outder. ofohubbongola

ohubbongolavbreak offOtabbongola muhono gwʼehihopo.Don’t break off the handle of the cup.7.8.1Break7.8Divide into piecesohubbongohavbe broken at a certain point7.8.1Break7.8.4Tear, rip7.9.3Destroy7.8Divide into pieces7.9.1Damage7.9Break, wear out

ohubbwagihavget broken; get separated into pieces quickly and violently7.8.1Break7.8.4Tear, rip7.9.3Destroy7.8Divide into pieces7.9.1Damageder. ofohubbwaga

ohugemulavdemolish, destroy esp. a wall of a houseEhiteepe hyʼe Berlin bahigemuuye.The Berlin wall was broken down.7.9.2Tear down7.8.1Break4., take apart7.9.3Destroy7.9.1Damage7.9Break, wear out

ohugenguhavfall; tumbleOnanywa omwenge omungi ogenguha hyʼekamiro.If you drink a lot of beer you fall like a milking pail. over7., topple, demolish, overturn, tip over s.t. over7.9.2Tear down7.8.1Break7.8.2Crack7.9.3Destroy7.9.1Damage

ohugengulavtilt, topple, demolish, overturn, tip over s.t.Gagenguye etamu yʼamaji, nga gajijuha.He overturned a water pot and the water spilled out.Ogenguye enju yange.You have pushed down my house. over7.9.2Tear down7.8.1Break7.8.2Crack7.9.3Destroy7.9.1Damageder. ofohugenguha

ohuhuhudulavscratchEmbwa ehuduuye munju erongo.The dog has scratched a hole in the house. of the hand2.5.3Injure7.8.6Dig7.9.1Damage

ohunabuhavbe torn, ripped7.8.4Tear, ripohunabujulavshred; tear to bits7.8.4Tear, rip7.9.3Destroy7.9.1Damageohunabulavpull s.t. forcefully apart so that it becomes pieces7.8.4Tear, rip7.9.3Destroy