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ahajabundeobujabunden1small piece of anything7.8.1Break7.9.1Damage2end point, esp. the corner of a courtyard8.6Parts of things8.6.7End, point8.6.6Edge3extent to which s.b. or s.t. reaches in sizeMusinde mutoto, wa hajabunde ha kilo ane joŋene.He is a small man weighing forty kg only.

edebeamaleben1tin; container5.2.1.4Food storage6.7.7Container2measure of volume of four imperial gallons8.1Quantity8.2.8Measure

edeejaamadeejanmeasure that is a handfulPeeho edeeja lya maido.Get me a handful of groundnuts.8.2.8Measure

efuutiefuutiEnglishnfoot; English measure of length twelve inches8.2.8Measure

ehifuluusiebifuluusinmeasure indicating a part of the contents of a sack8.1.1.6Fraction8.2.9Weigh8.2.8Measure

ehipima obubalireebipima obubalirenthermometer; device used to measure the temperature of a patient2.5.7Treat disease8.2.8Measure


ehisaala ehibapimisaebisaala ebibapimisanmeasuring stick8.2.8Measureder. ofehisaala1

ehitapimihaebitapimihanimmeasurable thing; s.t. that has weight or size that cannot be determined8.2.8Measure

emayiroemayiroEnglishnmile; English measure of distance8.2.2Long8.2.8Measure

emitaemitaEnglishnmetre; unit of measure8.2.2Long8.2.8Measure

eyaadieyaadiEnglishnyard; imperial measure of length equivalent to three feet8.2.8Measure

huupivar.huupi huupiadv1near, nearby, beside; s.t. is near when there is very little space or distance to reach itE Busolwe huupi nʼe Mugulu.Busolwe is near Mugulu. to2soon, nearly; when time is short before an event is due to take placeOmwaha guli huupi huupi huŋwaho.The year is soon ending.; degree, e.g., the slope of a hill or the extent of a tree may be high or low to climb or descend7.3.6.3Limit9.3.1Degree8.1Quantity8.2.8Measurehuupi byosibyosiadjalmost all9.4.4.7Just, almost not8.1.5.6Almost8., almost allohuba huupi nevbe almost9.4.4.7Just, almost not8.1.5.6Almost8., almost all

obuleeŋinlength; measurement of s.t. from end to end or along its longest side8.2.6.5Deep, shallow8.2.2Long8.2.2.2Tall8.2.8Measure

obuluŋamun1length; measurement of s.t. from its beginning to its end8.2.6.5Deep, shallow8.2.2Long8.2.2.2Tall8.2.8Measure2straightness; condition of s.t. being straight8.3.1.3Straight

ohugera1vweigh up; measure; estimateHiraŋi ohugera ehi onalye wahena siwonoona biryo.It is good to measure that which you can eat-up, so that you do not wast food3.2.2.3Evaluate, test8.2.9Weigh8. amaguluvmeasure a distance by pacing out footsteps8.2.8Measure

ohugera amaguluvmeasure a distance by pacing out footsteps8.2.8Measureder. ofohugera1

ohuguluamagulun1leg or foot; part of the body that is used for walking or standing2.1.3.2Leg2foot; measurement where the legs are used to pace the distancesEnju yiye yiŋesa amagulu mahumi abiri obuleeŋi.His house is twenty feet long.8.2.8Measure3pedal of a bicycle7. hwomumoninfront leg, front limb of an animal2.1.3.2Leg2.1.3Limb1.6.2Parts of an animalohugulu ohugubbunamputated leg2.5.7Treat disease2.5.3.1Amputate2.5.4Disabledohugwa mu amaguluvIdiom. implore; request help3.3.2Request6.8.3.4Beg3.5.1.5Ask4.8.4.2Make an appeal

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