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ahakaluobukalunsurety, guarantee; arrangement that is made before s.t. else can happenOmusibe gali wahutaŋo ahakalu hʼomutwalo kobamulehule.It was a condition that the prisoner pays ten thousand shillings before he would be released. pledge, bondohutaaŋo ahakaluvIdiom. bet; place a wager4.2.6.4Gambling

ohusingiravgive as a surety that you will do s.t. or return s.t.Bbaabba gaŋiriiye Mariso egaali yeefe ohumusingira.Father gave our bicycle to Mariso as a pledge. pledge, bond

ohusuubiravthink abut what you expect to be done for you or what will happen to you3.2.7Expect3.2.7.1Hopeohusuubiriravhope in s.t.; tell s.b. what you will do for him in the future3.5.1.9Promise4.7.5.7Take oath4.7.8.1Covenant3.3.2.1Agree to do something6.8.5.2Give pledge, bond4.7.8Legal contract3.2.5.4Agree with someoneohutasuubiravbe hopeless; not to have hope3.2.7.2Hopelessohutasuubiiriravhave no hope in s.b. for what is expected3.2.5.2Disbelief3.2.7.2Hopeless

ohweyamaventreat; promise; pledge; commit yourselfMaama gatweyamire ohusoma.Mother has entreated the ancestors to help us in studying.3.3.2Request3.3.2.3Intercede4.7.5.7Take oath4. to the care of6.8.3.4Beg3.5.1.5Ask3.3.4Ask permission4.8.4.2Make an appeal6.8.5.2Give pledge, bond

ohweyimiriravstand as surety; be a guarantor6.8.5.2Give pledge, bondohweyimirirwavbe released on bail; have s.b. stand in for you4.7.5Trial6.8.5.2Give pledge, bond

ohweyimirirwavbe released on bail; have s.b. stand in for you4.7.5Trial6.8.5.2Give pledge, bondder. ofohweyimirira

omusingoemisingonsecurity, bond, bail; s.t. given as sign of commitment to fulfilling a pledge6.8.5.2Give pledge, bond

omuyimaabayimaLugandanguarantorNja hwehoopa ebbesa mu bbanka, hutiine wumbeere omuyima wange.I am going to get a loan from the bank; come along to be my guarantor. pledge, bond

omweyimirisiemyeyimirisiLugandanguarantor; surety6.8.5.2Give pledge, bond