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ahakolomooniobukolomooninunusual crafty way of doing s.t.

emisonoomusonondistinguished ways in which things are done, said, written, designed etc. of clothing9.5.1.4Way, manner6.1.2Method4.3.9.1Custom

enamunaenamunansystem, way; method of doing s.t., manner6.1.2Method4.3.9.1Custom

engeri eyʼohuhulahulanaengeri ejʼohuhulahulanancourse of travel; way of progressEngeri enyangu ohwola e Bulaaya ya hutambisa endegeThe best way to travel to Europe is by aeroplane., route9. (of movement), manner6.1.2Methodengeri yʼohwolanroute followed in order to arrive6.5.4.1Road8.5.2Direction7.2.4.6Way, routeohutaaŋo engerivdetermine, obtain, discover, find or get means or a way to do s.t., attempt

etendehaetendehantraining; preparation for carrying out a particular activity3.6Teach3.2.2Learn4.5.3.3Discipline, train6.1.2Method

ohufunavget, receive; be in possession of s.t. tangible or intangible from somewhere or from s.b.Ese nafunire ohutendehewa hwange ohuŋwa eri omwami Moe.I got my training from Mr. Moe.7.4.3Get7.4.2Receive6.8.1.1Own, possessohufuna engiravget means9.5.1.4Way, manner6.1.2Method