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ahakongovuleobukongovulenankle bone; protruding bone at the ankle jointAhakongovule hasiba ohuhahonyaho.It is very painful to hit at the ankle bone.2.1.6Bone, joint2.1.3.2Leg

ahamumune2obumumunenflesh, cartilage, gristle; soft part of the body of s.b. or an animal that is between the skin and the bones2.1.6Bone, joint2.1.7Flesh5.

amagumbaegumbanbones, skeleton; hard parts inside the body of s.b. or an animal that support it2.1.6Bone, joint6.6.4.4Working with bone1.6.2Parts of an animalehiŋamba amagumban1Idiom. interesting thing; s.t. that arouses interest4.3.1.2Meet a standard3.4.1.1Like, love8.3.7.7Right, proper3.4.1.4Interested2Idiom. suitable thing8., size8.3.7.7Right, properhayunga magumbanmedicinal herb; medicinal herb for treating broken bones2.5.7Treat disease2.5.7.5Traditional medicine2.5.7.2Medicine1.5.3Grass, herb, vine2.5.7.3Medicinal plantsohukutuha egumbavget a compound fracture2.1.6Bone, joint7.8.1Break2.5.3Injure7.8.2Crackohwonga amagumbavset a fracture; align bones straight and set in plaster2.5.7Treat disease

ebbebbenuebbebbenuncartilage; part of a bone that is soft and can be chewed2.1.6Bone, joint2.1.7Flesh5.

ebbubbunwaebbubbunwangristle; solid white substance at the end of a bone that is difficult to chew2.1.6Bone, joint2.1.7Flesh5.

edokooliamadokoolinAdam’s apple; part of the throat that sticks out in the front of the neck of a man2.1.6Bone, joint3.5.1.1Voice2.1.8Internal organs2.1.1Head

ehigudigudiebigudigudinhip; joint that connects the legs to the rest of the body2.1.6Bone, joint2.1.2Torso

ehiŋangaebiŋanganskull; bones that make up the headEhiŋanga cehibamo obwongo.The skull contains the brains.2.1.6Bone, joint2.1.1Head

ehoyohoyoamahoyohoyon1Adam ’s apple2.1.6Bone, joint3.5.1.1Voice2.1.8Internal organs2.1.1Head2double chin; fold of skin between the chin and the neck2.1.1Head

ekengoekengon1joint; place where two bones in the body are fixed together, e.g., the knee and elbow7.5.2Join, attach2.1.6Bone, joint7.5.2.1Link, connect2segmentTemereho ekengo eyʼehisyaga ndala ndyeho.Cut one segment of sugarcane for me to eat.8.6Parts of things8.1.6.1Part

ekoholwaekoholwanelbow; joint of a human body between the lower part of the arm and that one joined to the shoulder2.1.6Bone, joint2.1.3.1Arm

ekoonohancrackling of bones at the joints because of stiffness2.1.6Bone, joint1.6.2Parts of an animal

ekumboekumbonknee; leg joint where the thigh joins the calf2.1.6Bone, joint2.1.3.2Legohuhoma ekumbovIdiom. kneel down7.1.4Kneel

enyingoenyingoLugandanjointMunyingo munduma.I have pain in the joints.7.5.2Join, attach2.1.6Bone, joint7.5.2.1Link, connect

eso1esonknee cap; bone at the front of the knee jointNigaguuye ni basamba omupiira eso yʼekumgo yacuhire.His knee cap was misplaced when he fell down during a football game.2.1.6Bone, joint2.1.3.2Leg

etegeetegenback of the knee2.1.6Bone, joint2.1.3.2Leg

omusiŋa1emisiŋan1muscle; part of the body that can tighten and relax to enable movement and doing other physical work2.1.7Flesh2sinew, tendon; strong piece of meat like a rope that joins muscles to bones2.1.6Bone, joint2.1.7Flesh5., vein; vessels through which blood passes in the body2.1.7Flesh2.2.5Bleed, blood

omusohonoemisohononbone marrow; fat that is found in the middle of a boneOmusohono njʼomuŋwa amafugi.Bone marrow is the source of blood.2.1.6Bone, joint5.