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ahalimiroobulimironsmall place for cultivationAli nʼahalimiro emugutu eyigalimire enyanya.He has a small place in the back yard where he cultivated some potatoes.6.6.6Working with land6.2Agriculture6.2.9Farmland6.2.1Growing crops

ahatuli2obutulinsmall part of a gardenGaagire huupi omuga gwosigwosi, galehaŋo ahatundu hatotono haati.He weeded nearly all the garden and left just a small part.6.6.6Working with land6.2Agriculture8.6Parts of things6.2.9Farmland6.2.1Growing crops

ehibere1ebiberensorghum garden that is fallow after harvest6.2.2.1Clear a field6.2.9Farmland

ehigoneraebigoneranfallow land that is not planted with crops for some time, in order to improve the soilEbirime byomuhisugu ehigonera biba bigimu.Crops in a fallow field are very fertile.Ehisugu hyange higonera; nahahena emyaha ene ni tahirima.My piece of land is lying fallow; I have taken four years without cultivating it. a field6.2.9Farmland

ehihanjaebihanjanfallow field after the harvest of millet6.2.2.1Clear a field6.2.9Farmland

ehiŋindi2ebiŋindinold field where cowpeas have recently been harvested6.2.5Harvest6.2.9Farmland

ehirunduebirundunpumpkin patch; place where a pumpkin vine grows6.2.1.3Growing vegetables6.2.9Farmland

ehisalaalaebisalaalangarden where cereals have been harvested6.2.5Harvest6.2.9Farmland

ehisamaasaebisamaasancleared area that has not been dug6.2.2.1Clear a field6.2.9Farmland

ehisaaŋeebisaaŋen1arena, sports ground; place for games and sports4.2.6.2Sports4., soccer8.2.5Big area6.5.1.3Land, property4.2.7Play, fun1.2.1Land2prepared place for cultivation6.6.6Working with land6.5.1.3Land, property6.2.9Farmland6.2.1Growing crops1.2.1Landehisaaŋe hyʼendegenaerodrome, airport, airfield; built place where aeroplanes land7.2.4.3Fly

endaloendalonfield; place where cultivation is done to grow cropsEndalo yange eyʼamaŋuune yagama pangano.My field of cocoyams ends here.6.6.6Working with land6.5.1.3Land, property6.2.9Farmland6.2.1Growing crops1.2.1Landendalo yʼemizabbibbunvineyard6. grapes

esuguesugun1bush; grasses and shrubs in a localityOmusota gwomwisugu mugosi gwʼohwita.A snake in the bush is difficult to kill., property1.2.1.6Forest, grassland, desert1.2.1Land2farmland; piece of land belonging to s.b. where crops are grownEsugu lirye lyamaamo emere kubanga acusacusa ebirime bibye.His land yields a lot of food because he rotates his crops.6.6.6Working with land6.2.9Farmland6.2.1Growing crops

omuseetweemisetwenplain; flat landNufuga egaali hu museetwe obererera nʼosamba.When riding a bicycle on a flat land you keep pushing the pedals all the time.6.6.6Working with land4.6.7.3Countryside1.2.1.3Plain, plateau6.5.1.3Land, property1.2.1.6Forest, grassland, desert6.2.9Farmland1.2.1Land