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amalegehanwater collected in a container during rainfallAmaaji amalegeha gatuhusa engoye ohusinga ago mu sobere.The water collected during rainfall washes the clothes cleaner than water from the well.1.3Water6.6.7Working with water1.1.3.3Rain

ehigegaebigegancontainer for carrying6.7.3Carrying tool6.7.7Containerehigega amaajincontainer in which water is put for carrying6.6.7.2Conveying water6.6.7Working with water6.7.7Container

ehigega amaajiebigega amaajincontainer in which water is put for carrying6.6.7.2Conveying water6.6.7Working with water6.7.7Containerder. ofehigega

ehigomaebigomanculvert; one of the pieces that make a pipe for water that crosses the road or railway, enabling water to cross6.6.7.2Conveying water6.6.7Working with water6.2.4.3Irrigate1.2.1.5Underground

endegeheroendegeheroncontainer used for trapping rain water6.6.7Working with water6.7.7Container

endobo1endobonbucket, pail; container with an open top and a handle, often used to carry liquids6.6.7.2Conveying water6.6.7Working with water5.1Household equipment6.7.7Containerohwehubba endobovIdiom. contradict yourself; go against what you have already said3. your mind

esobereesoberenwell, spring; deep hole in the ground from which water or oil can be obtainedAmaaji agʼesobre agatutubbuha malaŋi ohusinga agʼeroŋo.Water from a spring well is better than that from the water hole.1.3.2Movement of water1.3.2.1Flow6.6.7Working with water1.3.1.4Spring, wellesobere yʼamafutanoil well6.6.2.6Working with oil and gas1.2.3.2Oilesobere yʼomuuyangas well1.2.3.3Gas6.6.2.6Working with oil and gas

esuloesulonspring; place where water flows out from the groundMu ndobooli nʼesulo josi si jitusa maaji.During the dry season, even the springs don’t bring out water.1.3.2Movement of water1.3.2.1Flow6.6.7Working with water1.3.1.4Spring, well

etangietangiEnglishntank; large container for liquids or gas6.6.7Working with water8.2.5.1Big container, volume6.7.7Container

nayikootenayikootenborehole; well sunk with a hole underground to the water table that has a pump for drawing waterAmaaji ga nayikoote gaba mahosa ohusinga agʼesobere.Borehole water is cleaner than well water.6.6.7Working with water1.3.1.4Spring, well

oluŋomboloepombolonbowl lined with heated banana leaves to form a basin that can hold liquid6.6.7Working with water5.2.1.3Cooking utensil6.7.7Container

omwombeemyomben1river basin; valley where water flowsEmyaha jinabitaŋo olwabi lucuusa omwombe gwalwo.After many years a river changes its basin. of water1.2.1.4Valley2furrow, channel, ditch in a ploughed garden in which water may flow, esp. after rain fall6.6.7.2Conveying water1.3.1.3River6.6.7Working with water1.3.1Bodies of water6.2.4.3Irrigate8.3.2.5Furrow3tunnel; empty space in the ground or on the surface of an object dug by an animal to sleep in1.6.5Animal home1.2.1.5Underground7.8.6Dig