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ahalohaobulohansmall plant that is capable of regaining leaves after defoliation1.5Plant1.5.6Growth of plants

amaloofuamaloofunplant with blue flowers, silver leaves, and hairy seedssp. Blepharis ciliaris1.5Plant

amatensaliva, spittle; liquid in the mouth that helps to keep it moist and that softens food before swallowingOhufuuja amate mu baatu sihiraŋi.It is not good to spit saliva in public.2.2.3Spit, salivahafuuja matenbeetle; beetle that sucks water from trunks of trees when feeding, and drops the residue liquid on the ground1.6.1.7Insecthasolola matenplant whose leaves stimulate the salivary glands when chewedsp. Oxalis corniculata fam. Oxalidaceae1.5Plant

deraŋombederaŋombenweed sp. growing up to a half a metre that is sometimes used as sauceDeraŋombe asinga ohuŋooma ni bamuŋuuliyemo maido.The ‘deraŋombe’ sauce is best when mixed with groundnuts.1.5Plant6.2.4Tend a field

ebayeebayen1weed; any grass growing where it should not1.5Plant6.2.4Tend a field2wild millet-like weedEbaye linaba mu muga gwʼobule sibwama.When the wild millet-like weed grows in the millet field, it adversely affects the yield.Ebaye eŋere liba egosi lyʼohwabula hu bule.The young millet-like weed is difficult to distinguish from growing millet.sp. Eleusine indica fam. Bambuseae6.2.5.2Crop failure1.5.3Grass, herb, vine1.5.7Plant diseases

efwafwaefwafwanplant that has 10 cm longitudinally striped spear-shaped leaves1.5Plant

ehimeraebimeranplant; stationary growing organisms that make food from sunlightEbimera bya mugaso eri abaatu olwʼohubaholeranga emere ohuŋwa munjase yʼomumwi.Plants are useful to people because they make food for the from the sunlight.1.5Plantehiŋwa mu bimeranplant product6.2.5.4Plant product

ehisemberanyenjeebisemberanyenjenbush often eaten by burrowing crickets1.5Plant

ekameekamenplant that grows to a height of one metre whose seeds have barbs that help it to be dispersed1.5Plant

ekengeekengenplant sp. that is a common weed whose seeds have thornssp. Oxygonum sinuatum fam. Polygonaceae1.5Plant6.2.4Tend a field

ekeenievar.ekediekeenien1tapeworm; long flat segmented worm that is found in the intestines of human beings and other animalssp. Taenia saginata fam. Cestoda1.6.1.9Small animals2parasite1.5Plant1.6.1.9Small animals2.5.2Disease

ekoboekobonplant used in treating skin diseases1.5Plant2.5.7.3Medicinal plants

ekobokoboekobokobonliana plant sp. whose leaves are sometimes used for cleaning things1.5Plant

emboŋaemboŋancreeping plant sp. similar to ‘Cissus quadrangularis’ that is used for tying things, esp. when building, for food on a journey, and as medicine1.5Plant7.5.4.1Rope, string2.5.7.3Medicinal plants

emisinde2omusindenmale plants1.5Plant

enguhuenguhuncreeping plant sp. whose pods have hair-like structures that itchsp. Mucuna pruriens fam. Leguminosae1.5Plant

eperereepererenplant sp. used for weaving baskets and granariesEperere bajiruhira nʼamabbamo agʼohutoga enyeeni.The ‘acalypha’ twigs are used in making baskets for trapping fish.sp. Acalypha bipartita fam. Euphorbiaceae6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats1.5Plant

eposaeposancreeping plant whose leaves are used as medicine1.5Plant2.5.7.3Medicinal plants

esulasulaesulasulanTagetes; plant that grows to a height of 2 m, with a peculiar odour that is used in getting rid of chicken mites, and in treating sicknessOhuŋunya hwʼebinanjaaye njʼohugira ebiwuuka ni bibitya.The pungent smell of the Tagetes repels insects.sp. Tagetes erecta fam. Compositae1.5Plant2.5.7.3Medicinal plants

etangalalanwild creeping plant sp. that foams when crushed, and is used for washing clothessp. Zehneria scabra fam. Cucurbitaceae1.5Plant

etiitietiitinflowering plant whose leaves are used to make a type of sauce and whose twigs are used in weaving baskets and winnowing traysAmahoola gʼetiiti agatambisiwa ngʼeryani.Leaves of the ‘etiiti’ plant are sauce.sp. Acalypha racemosa fam. Euphorbiaceae1.5Plant5. from leaves

etulaamatulanwild plant of the solanacae family1.5Plant

haloojovar.hajoholohaloojoncommon weed plant among crops that has sticky seeds1.5Plant6.2.4Tend a field

hasolola matehasolola matenplant whose leaves stimulate the salivary glands when chewedsp. Oxalis corniculata fam. Oxalidaceae1.5Plantder. ofamate

hayongohayongonStriga weed; weed in the millet garden that stunts the growth of milletsp. Striga hermonthica and Striga lutea1.5Plant6.2.4Tend a field
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