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ahaloosaobuloosansweet smell2.3.3Taste2.3.4Smell

cacaamivar.ecacaamiehicacaamicacaaminIdiom. s.t. that has gone sour8.3.7.8Decay2.3.3Taste

ehambaehambansourness, e.g., like the sap of a raw bananaAmabiiye gabaamo esando eryʼehamba.The sap from the bananas for beer-brewing tastes sour.2.3.3Taste

ehifungulula endoobeebifungulula endoobenIdiom. tasty meal; worthy of presenting to the people2.3.3Taste

ehijwalaebijwalantasteless food2.3.3Taste

ehinokontaste; flavour2.3.3Taste

ehinoliebinolinfood, delicious, palatable food or s.t. delectable5.2Food2.3.3Taste5.2.3.4Prepared food

ehinyunyuulavar.ehinyunyuuliebinyunyuulansweet thing; s.t. having a taste similar to that of sugar2.3.3Taste5. food

ehiŋoomeresiebiŋoomeresins.t. with some little sweetness2.3.3Taste5. food

ehiŋumamo jamuebiŋumamo jamuntasteless food; s.t. without flavour or taste2.3.3Tasteder. ofejamu

ehirimo jamuebirimo jamuntasty food; s.t. that has flavour2.3.3Tasteder. ofejamu

ehisala1ebisalansour thing8.3.7.8Decay2.3.3Taste

ehisyagaebisyagansugarcane; tall grass reaching 5 m high that is jointed and contains sweet liquid from which sugar is manufacturedsp. Saccharum officinarum fam. Andropogoneae6. sugarcane2.3.3Taste5., herb, vine5.2.3.4Prepared food

ehitahombehahoebitahombehahon1impossible thing; unachievable thing; unattainable thing; Ohuba hyʼabamalayika cehiitu ehitahombehaho.Being like angels is s.t. unachievable.6.1.3Difficult, impossible9.4.4.9Impossible2bland, tasteless; s.t. not easy to taste2.3.3Taste

ehitaŋoomaebitaŋoomantasteless, disinteresting thing3., bored2.3.3Taste

ehyʼahawoowoebyʼahawoowons.t. with a sweet smell esp. well cooked food or sauce2.3.3Taste2.3.4Smell

ejamuejamuntaste2.3.3Tasteehiŋumamo jamuntasteless food; s.t. without flavour or taste2.3.3Tasteehirimo jamuntasty food; s.t. that has flavour2.3.3Taste

endihoendihonconcentrated liquid; solution that is pure and not dilutedOmubisi endiho njʼomuŋwa omwenge gwʼepandu omulaŋi.Concentrated banana juice makes good banana beer.Ehinywewa ehitoma cehibamo omunolwa.A pure drink has a good taste.Buli ndiho yʼomubisi yiŋoma hya sukaali.Every concentrated juice tastes like sugar.Omwenge endiho onywaho mutotono mwene ngʼomeera.For pure beer you need very little to get drunk. quality2.3.3Taste7.5.3.1Pure, unmixed1.3.5Solutions of water5.2.3.4Prepared food

obubbootininsipidness; tastelessness; unsweetness2.3.3Taste


obululu1nsourness; bitterness of tasteEkaanu sijiri nʼobululu.Sesame has no bitterness.2.3.3Taste

ohubalaagalavbe spicy hot like chilli pepperNdi nʼohubalagala mumunwa olwa kalali ali mu mere.I have a pungent taste in my mouth due to the chilli peppers in the food.2.3.3Taste5.
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