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ahʼamooyaobwʼamooyanbonus chicken; small chicken additionally given during a barter transactionBapaaye ahagoho ahʼamooya ni nabaswanihise embusi.I got an additional chicken when I exchanged my goat for their chickens. from animals7.5.2.3Add to something8.1.7.1Extra8.1.4More1.6.1.2Bird6.8.3.1Give, donate6.3.1Domesticated animal6.3.6Poultry raising6.3.6.1Chicken

ebyomunjuehyomunjundomestic affairs; things concerning the behaviour in the home5Daily life5.8Manage a house6.3.1Domesticated animal4.1.9.8Family, clan

ehijaseebijasen1Spur-winged goose; biggest water fowl of the duck family. It is glossy greenish-brown-black with a white belly and facesp. Plectropterus gambensis fam. Anatidae1.6.1.2Bird6.3.1Domesticated animal6.3.6Poultry raising2White-faced whistling-duck; large, long-necked goose-like bird with a white head and throatsp. Dendrocygna viduata fam. Anatidae5.2.3.2Food from animals1.6.1.2Bird6.3.1Domesticated animal

ehiralaasiebiralaasinhanging part under the neck of a cowŊamumiro gwʼebuunwa ŋabaaŋo ehiralasi hibbala ohusinga aŋahisonga.A bull has a more extended skin under the neck than a cow. animal6.3.1.7Beast of burden1.6.2Parts of an animal

ehyayoebyayonarea where grazing of animals is doneAŋirire eŋoombe mu hyayo.He has taken the cattle to the grazing area.6.3.2Tend herds in fields1.2.1.6Forest, grassland, desert6.3Animal husbandry1.6.4.2Animal eatingebyʼamagesi mu byayonveterinary science; knowledge about lives of animals6.3.8Veterinary science6.4.6Things done to animals2.5.7.1Doctor, nurseehyayo ebi baaya mu magondomestic livestock; i.e., cattle, sheep, goats and poultry6.3.1Domesticated animal

ehyayo ebi baaya mu magoebyayo ebi baaya mu magondomestic livestock; i.e., cattle, sheep, goats and poultryEbyayo ebi nahooye mwalimo eŋoombe etaanu, embusi etaanu ko nʼedwaya yʼengoho.The livestock I paid as bride price included five cows, five goats and a cock.6.3.1Domesticated animalder. ofehyayo

ekapaekapancat; small, domestic, carnivorous animal kept to eat rats or as a petEpuusi nʼembwa sibyendana.Cats and dogs are enemies.Synepuusisp. Felis aurata fam. Felidae6.3.1.6Cat1. animal

ekulukuluekulukulunturkey; domestic bird that is a popular dish at Christmassp. Meleagris gallopavo fam Meleagrididae5.2.3.2Food from animals1.6.1.2Bird6.3.1Domesticated animal6.3.6Poultry raising6.3.6.1Chicken

embalaasiembalaasinhorse; large herbivore with a flowing mane, a tail of coarse hair, and undivided hoofssp. Equus caballus fam. Equidae6.3.1Domesticated animal1. animals6.3.1.7Beast of burden

embaatiembaatinComb duck; water bird with webbed feet that measures 85 cm and is sometimes tamedEmbaati nʼeyibahalula,yimanya ohusaanya.Even a duckling just hatched, knows how to swim.sp. Sarkidiornis melanotos fam. Anatidae5.2.3.2Food from animals1.6.1.2Bird6.3.1Domesticated animal

embusiembusingoat; domestic ruminant, resembling the sheep, that is kept for its milk and meatsp. Tribe Caprini. genus Capra fam. Bovidae6.3.1Domesticated animal1. animals6.3.1.3Goatohweyagira omunwa hyʼembusivIdiom. have nothing, be poor8.1.7.2Lack6.8.1.3Poor4.5.6.2Low status4.1.4.1Social class

embwa1embwan1dog; common domesticated animal kept for guarding things, hunting or as a petEmbwa bayihumira mu mago ohusama nʼehuuma amago oba ohuyiŋimisa.A dog is domesticated to bark as it keeps the home, or for hunting.sp. Canis familliaris fam. Canidae6.3.1.5Dog1. animal2dog; wild carnivorous animal that is similar to the domesticated dogEmbwa jitera ohuŋimira mu bibbubbu ebyʼembwa etaanu nʼomusobyo.Wild dogs hunt in packs of five and above.sp. Lycaon pictus fam. Canidae6.3.1.5Dog1.

engohoengohonchicken; most popular domesticated birdHale hale abahasi sibalyanga ngoho.In the past women were not eating chicken.sp. Gallus domesticus fam. Otididae5.2.3.2Food from animals1.6.1.2Bird6.3.1Domesticated animal6.3.6Poultry raising6.3.6.1Chickenahaana hʼengohonpullet; hen that is not yet the size for laying eggs6.3.6Poultry raising6.3.6.1Chicken

eŋombeeŋombencow; animal kept in the home to provide milk and butter, meat and skins, ploughing and as a sign of wealthsp. Bos taurus ( European ) Bos indicus ( Zebu ) fam. Bovini6.3.1.1Cattle6.3.1Domesticated animal6.3.1.7Beast of burden

epuusiepuusincat; small, domestic, carnivorous animal kept to eat rats or as a petEpuusi nʼembwa sibyendana.Cats and dogs are enemies.Synekapasp. Felis aurata fam. Felidae6.3.1.6Cat1. animal

esoloesolonanimal; living creature that moves, reproduces, hears, feeds, feels, sees and respiresEbisolo bitiina bihendeera olwʼohulima esugu.The number of wild animals is dwindling because of cultivating their bush. of animals1.6Animalehisolo ehyomwisugunwild animal1.6.1Types of animalsesolo eyaŋangondomesticated animal6.3.1Domesticated animalesolo eyitaba nʼehitaninmarsupial, mammal of which the female has a pouch containing teats where the young are fed and carried1. eyomubulibanwater animal; animal that lives in an expanse of water1.6.1.5Fish1. mammalesolo eyomumaaji nʼohubwomunamphibian; animal that lives partly in water1.6.1Types of animals1.6.1.4Amphibianesolo eyookesanmammal; animal that has mammary glands to suckle their young1.6.1.1Mammal

esolo eyaŋangovar.ehisolo ehyomumagoesolo ejaŋangondomesticated animal6.3.1Domesticated animalder. ofesolo

nalujabajanalujabajan1cow that gives a lot of milk6.3.1.1Cattle1.6.7Male and female animals6.3.1Domesticated animal1. animals2bush from which leaves are gathered to feed cows to produce more milk1.5.2Bush, shrub

nasugiryaabanasugiryandonkey; domesticated animal resembling the horse but smaller with larger earssp. Equus asinus fam. Equidae6.3.1Domesticated animal1. animals6.3.1.7Beast of burden