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ahamumune1obumumunen1food; specially prepared delicious food that is kept aside for a beloved childObumumune babuliira munju.Food for the beloved child is eaten indoors.7.4.5Keep something5.2.1.5Serve food3. food2small amount of packed food carried by s.b. on a journey as a meal5.2.3.4Prepared food

ehyendewaebyendewan1pleasing, loveable, interesting thing; s.t. that attracts the attention4.3.1.2Meet a standard3.4.1.1Like, love8.3.7.7Right, proper3.4.1.4Interested2necessary thing9.4.2.3Necessary ehyendewa obugalinpreferred thing3. ohubaaŋonprerequisite9.4.2.3Necessary 8.3Quality8.1.7.3Need

ehyendewa obugaliebyendewa obugalinpreferred thing3. ofehyendewa

omugooseabagoosenone held in high esteem, who is loved very much4.5.5Honor4.3.2Admire someone4.3.3Love3.