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ahanaaŋiroobunaŋirondistance; short distance between placesŊaliŋo ahanaŋiro ha kiromita nga edatu.There is some distance of about 4 km.8.2.6Distance8.2.6.1Far

ehimangaebimangan1period; length of timeHunaŋireho ehimanga ko hwahena ebigezo.We shall take time before we end the examination.Himanga hi?What time is it?8.4.1Period of time8.4Time8.4.7.3Interval2distance between two placesŋaliŋo ehimanga ohuŋwa e Guwugu ohwola e Napedesi.It is distant from Napedesi to Guwugu.8.2.6Distance8.2.6.1Far3space; place8.5.4.4Interval, space8.5Location8.2.5Big area9.5.1.6Spatial location of an event9.1.3.2Situation8.5.3Be at a place8.5.4Area8.5.4.1Vicinity8.5.4.3Space, room

ŋaleenyoLugandaadvvery distant8.2.6Distance8.2.6.1Far

ohuba aŋalevbe distant, far away8.2.6Distance8.2.6.1Farder. ofŋale

olugendoengendonjourney; travel from one place to another place that is distant and that sometimes necessitates using a vehicle7.2.4Travel8.2.6Distance8.2.6.1Far