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ahataleobutalen1market; place or an event where people gather to sell or buy things6.8.4.8Store, marketplace2meat stall; kiosk for a butcher6.3.4Butcher, slaughter3market, customers; people who might want to buy s.t. or a part of the world where s.t. is sold6.8.4Financial transaction6.8.4.2Sell6.9.3Marketing6.9.4Commerceehinyaaha mu hatalennew product; s.t. new on the market9.1.2.5Make6.9.3Marketing

ehinyaaha mu hataleebinyaaha mu hatalennew product; s.t. new on the market9.1.2.5Make6.9.3Marketingder. ofahatale

ohubumbwa2vcreate; make s.t. visible or invisible without using any materialsHawumba njʼogawumbire buli ebiri ŋaasi nʼomwigulu.God created everything on earth and in heaven. ofohubumba

ohubbotavmanufacture, make, construct forge s.t. from metalEse manyire ohubbota amafumo.I know how to make spears.Aba Japani babbota emotoka mu byoma ebihayire.The Japanese make motor vehicles from scrap metal. with metal

ohuyiiyavinvent, create, figure s.t. out; be innovative9.1.2.5Make9.1.2.3Create

omuluhiabaluhinweaver; s.b. who weaves mats, baskets or even beer tubes6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats9.1.2.5Make6.1.6Made by hand6.6.1.4Weaving cloth6.6.4Crafts