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ahatikitikiobutikitikiEnglishnsecond; short unit of time that is equivalent to one sixtieth of a minute8.4.4Telling time8. of the day8.4.1Period of time8.4Time

aheremaadvdusk; time of early evening8. of the day

amaduudu ni gembaadvIdiom. time just before dawn when the white-browed caucal sing and when the cocks crow8. of the day

amaherebendeadvdawn; early time in the morningEnyuni jitandiha ohwemba mu maherebende.Birds start singing early in the morning. of the day

amasambuuhansunrise; dawnEryuba liba mu masambuha esaawa ndala mu mugamba.The sunrise is at seven o’clock in the morning. of the day1.1.1Sun

amawiiwiadvdawn, daybreak, early morning; time of day just before sunriseTandihire olugendo mu mawiiwi, eryuba litulire ni nahagendaho ngʼekiromita ehumi.I started the journey before sunrise, by the time the sun rose I had walked about 10 km. of the day8.

dakiikadakiikanminute; one of the sixty parts into which an hour is divided, or sixty seconds8.4.4Telling time8. of the day8.4.1Period of time8.4Time

e masaaba nisalavar.e masaaba nʼesalaadvIdiom. at dawn, at daybreak; time when the sun’s rays begin to appear8. of the day

ehyʼeguloebyʼegulon1afternoon; time from mid-afternoon to dusk8. of the day2supper, dinner; last meal in the day5.2.2.2Meal

engoho ni jigobolamoadvIdiom. time before dawn when cocks crow for the second time8. of the day

engoho ni jiholyohaadvIdiom. time before dawn when the cocks crow for the first time8. of the day

engolyobereengolyoberensunset; orange or pink sky colours at sunsetOmumwi gwʼengolyobere siguba mubalire ohwomya ehiitu hyosihyosi.The sunshine at sunset is not hot enough to dry anything. of the day1.1.1Sun

esaakya nisalaadvIdiom. dawn; time when the first rays of the sun appear8. of the day

esaawa nitulaadvsunrise; time when the sun first appears in the east8. of the day1.1.1Sunder. ofesaawa

etangaalwen1broad daylightGebire emicungwa mutangaalwe muweene.He stole oranges in broad daylight.8.3.3Light8. source1.1.1Sun2midday8. of the day

mu heeremaadvdusk, twilight is the time before it becomes pitch dark after sunset8. of the day

mungoho endayiadvIdiom. early morning time when the cocks crow for the first timeGanjiguuye mu ngoho endaayi kuba gaali nʼehigosi.He was at my door at the first cockcrow because he had a problem. of the day

ni jiholyohaadvearly morning time when the cocks crowEnjase endaayi mu lunaku jiboneha engoho ni jiholyoha.The first light rays in the day appear at cockcrow. of the day
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