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ehidembuadj1easyEbyaliŋo somo dembu, naye Ohubala hwomu.History is an easy subject, but Mathematics is difficult.Ohulera omwana hidembu ohusinga ohulima.Baby sitting is easier than digging in the field.7.5.8Simple, complicated6.1.3.2Succeed6.1.3.1Easy, possible3.2.4.2Understandable2soft; doughyEroba liba edembu mu mugaduho.The ground becomes soft after rainfall.Obwoya bwʼekapa budembu nʼobuŋambaho.The cats hairs are soft on touching them.Obuuji buba budembu.Porridge is doughy.Efula yiguuye nyingi, ŋahani ehyalo hiri nʼobudembu obuhena ohulima.It has been raining a lot, now the ground has suitable softness for cultivation.8.3.2Texture8.3.6.5Soft, flimsy2.3.5Sense of touch3fine; containing small particlesObusyanu budembu ohusinga enjehe.Flour is finer than sand.8.3.2Texture8.2.3.1Thin thing5. flour8.2.1Smallehidembu ehifumbiheadjmalleable; s.t. able to be bent that does not break easily1.2.2.3Metal8.3.6.1Strong, brittleehidembu ehireberaadjflimsy8.2.3.3Thin person7.8.1Break8.3.6.5Soft, flimsy8.2.3.1Thin thing2.4.2Weak8.3.6.1Strong, brittle2.4Body condition

ehidiiŋiebidiiŋinnarrow thing; s.t. that is narrow8.2.3.1Thin thing8.2.4.1Narrow8.2.1Small

ehidyogoloebidyogolons.t. small, little, tiny; s.t. that is not big8.2.2.3Short, not tall8.2.1Small

ehisinga obutonoebisinga obutononleast thing; smallest in size, amount or importance8.1.5.5Most, least9.3.1.2To a small degree8.1.3.2Few, little8.2.1Small8.1.4.1Lessder. ofehitono

ehyomwideteebyomwidetentiny; s.t. that is not visible when held in the hand8.2.2.3Short, not tall8.2.1Small

hitotonobitotononvery small, little; s.t that is not much in quantity or size8.2.2.3Short, not tall8.2.1Small

hitye hyenebitye byeneninsignificantly small thing8.2.2.3Short, not tall8.2.1Small

hyʼerendeadvdwarf-like; s.t. very small, e.g., fruit of ‘omulende’ shrub8.2.2.3Short, not tall8.2.1Small

obudiiŋinnarrowness; state of being narrow8.2.3.1Thin thing8.2.4.1Narrow8.2.1Small

obwondinthinness; state of being thin, slender, lean8.2.3.3Thin person8.2.1Small2.4Body condition