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ahatuli1obutulin1small hole made by a sharp object, esp. in a tyre7. hole, opening2small opening7.8.5Make hole, opening

ebbuleegiebbuleegiEnglishnbrake; part of a vehicle that is made to lean against the wheels so as to reduce speed or to stop it7.

efirimbiefirimbin1whistleNjoleete efirimbi husalire omupira.Go bring the whistle so we play football. of attention 2vehicle horn7.

efoodaefoodancar; small vehicle for carrying people7.

efuleemu yʼegaaliefuleemuEnglishnbicycle frame7. ofefuleemu

egataamagatan1wheel; circular device able to rotate about a central axle or pivotEgata lyʼegaali.A bicycle wheel. of things2children’s toy wheel made from twigs4.2.7Play, fun

egaaliamagaalinbicycle; two-wheeled vehicle that is moved by using the feet to push its pedals7.

ehidiriisiebidiriisinvehicle; machine with wheels and an engine that is used in transporting people and goods7.

ehidulumaebidulumanvehicle; machine that has wheels, an engine, and that runs on roads, transporting people and goods7.

ehinyuziebinyuzinbrake shoe7.

ehipapagiroebipapagironmudguard; part of a vehicle that covers a wheel to stop mud from splashing7.

ehiziyizaebiziyizanbrake; device that stops or reduces movement of s.t.

ekalakitaekalakitantractor; motor vehicle with large back wheels and thick tyres that is used on farms for ploughing and pulling other machinery7. a field

ekaliyaekaliyaEnglishncarrier; part of a bicycle for carrying luggage or a second person7. tool7.3.1Carry

embyolesiembyolesiEnglishnambulance; vehicle used for transporting sick people7.

emihonoomuhononfront fork for a bicycle7.

emotokaemotokaEnglishnmotor vehicle; machine with an engine and wheels that transports people and goods7.

enanga1enangansprocket; large toothed driving wheel of a bicycle7.

epikipikiepikipikinmotorcycle; two wheeled vehicle that is powered by an engine7.

eroole2erooleEnglishnlorry, truck; large four-wheeled vehicle that carries loads along roads7. yʼamafutanoil or petrol truck7. with oil and gas

etuleeraetuleeraEnglishntrailer; vehicle without an engine, and usually a container or a flat frame that is pulled by another7.
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