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ahatundaobutundan1passion fruit vine; climbing plant with colourful flowers from which edible oval fruit grow and that turn purple or yellow when ripesp. Passiflora eduli fam. Passifloraceae5. from fruit1.5.3Grass, herb, vine2fruit from the passion plant5. from fruit3squeezed passion fruit used as a beverage5.2.3.6Beverage5. from fruit

amajaanintea leaves; from a shrub cultivated for its leaves that are crushed to be used in making teasp. Thea sinensis fam. Theaceae5.2.3.6Beverage

amalwanmillet beer; intoxicating drink made from millet flour5.2.3.7Alcoholic beverage5.2.3.6Beverage5.2.2.7Drinkohubisya mu malwa obuseravIdiom. exaggerate3.

bbiyanbeer; commercially made European alcoholic drink, brewed from grain and sold in bottles5.2.3.7Alcoholic beverage5.2.3.6Beverage5.2.2.7Drink

bbongon1milk that stays for a night and clots5. products2yoghurt; milk drunk when clotted5. products3any drinkable liquid, esp. if it is not water5.2.3.6Beverage5.2.2.7Drink

caayicaayin1Tea bush; whose crushed leaves are drunk in hot watersp. Thea ( Camellia ) sinensis fam. Theaceae5.2.3.6Beverage1.5.2Bush, shrub5. from leaves2tea; drink made by mixing hot water with crushed leaves of the tea plant5.2.3.6Beverage3Metaphor. bribe; money or presents given by s.b. who would like s.t. special done in his favour6.8.9.5Bribe

ehibahopyolaebibahopyolandrink; drink that can be gulped down quickly5.2.3.6Beverage5.2.2.7Drink

ehiduulo1ebiduulonmess of grass and the remains of bananas from which juice has been squeezed5.2.3.6Beverage5. shell, skin

ehihwamiwaebihwamiwandrink, beverage; s.t. that can be quaffed5.2.3.6Beverage5.2.2.7Drink

ehinywewaebinywewanbeverage; drinkable liquid other than water5.2.3.6Beverage5.2.2.7Drink

ehyʼohunywaebyʼohunywanbeverage; drink5.2.3.6Beverage5.2.2.7Drink

emanduleemandulenspirits, gin; locally brewed concentrated alcoholic spirits5.2.3.7Alcoholic beverage5.2.3.6Beverage5.2.2.7Drink

emwanyiemwanyin1Arabica Coffee bush; perennial crop growing up to 3 m, whose seeds are ground and drunk in hot waterEmwanyi hirala hu birime ebyʼamagusi.Coffee is one of the commercial crops.sp. Coffea arabica (L.)5.2.6Stimulant1.5.1Tree6. coffee5.2.3.6Beverage2coffee berries5.2.6Stimulant6. coffee5.2.3.6Beverage3coffee beans5.2.6Stimulant6. coffee5.2.3.6Beverage

endihoendihonconcentrated liquid; solution that is pure and not dilutedOmubisi endiho njʼomuŋwa omwenge gwʼepandu omulaŋi.Concentrated banana juice makes good banana beer.Ehinywewa ehitoma cehibamo omunolwa.A pure drink has a good taste.Buli ndiho yʼomubisi yiŋoma hya sukaali.Every concentrated juice tastes like sugar.Omwenge endiho onywaho mutotono mwene ngʼomeera.For pure beer you need very little to get drunk. quality2.3.3Taste7.5.3.1Pure, unmixed1.3.5Solutions of water5.2.3.4Prepared food

enguulinlocal gin distilled from banana juice or millet beer5.2.3.7Alcoholic beverage5.2.3.6Beverage5.2.2.7Drink

kaawancoffee; drink made from the crushed seeds of a coffee tree5.2.6Stimulant5.2.3.6Beverage

ohudiihadiihavgive an overdose; make s.b. drink too much5.2.3.6Beverage5.2.2.7Drink2.5.7.2Medicine5. ofohudiiha

ohujiiwa2vdrink leftover millet beerOhujiiwa sihumeesa.Drinking leftover millet beer does not make one drunk. beverage5.2.3.6Beverage5.2.2.7Drink5.

ohunywav1drink; put a liquid into the mouth and swallow itBbaabba anywa ecupa ebiri ejʼomwenge buli lunaku.My father drinks two bottles of beer every day.; breathe a cigarette or cigar’s smoke into the mouth or lungsOhunywa sigala hya habi eri obulamu buwo!Smoking cigarettes is dangerous to your health!5.2.4Tobacco

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