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ahaveeravar.ahafeeraobuveeraEnglishn1bag for carrying things that is made of plastic material6.7.3Carrying tool2sheet made of polyethylene5.2.1.4Food storage7.3.7.2Wrap6.7.3Carrying tool6.2.6.4Store the harvest

amagala2egalangrain; heads of millet or sorghum before threshing to remove the grainsObule bwʼe Teso bubaaho amagala mabbala.Millet from Teso bears thick heads. from seeds6.2.1.1Growing grain6.2.6.3Thresh6.2.6.4Store the harvest

ehyagiebyagin1granary; constructed structure like a big basket in which grain foodstuffs like millet, groundnuts and cow peas are storedAmago mubaamo ebyagi byʼemre ohwerindisa enjala.A homestead should have granaries to guard against famine. storage6.2.6.4Store the harvest6.5.1Building2bank; place where wealth is keptAli nʼobufuhunya bwʼebbesa mu hyagi e Kampala.He has a lot of money in the bank at Kampala. wealth

ekutiyavar.eguniyaekutiyaEnglishnsack, gunny bag; hessian bag for carrying bulky things made from strong jute sheets used for storing dry food stuffs5.2.1.4Food storage6.7.7.1Bag6.7.3Carrying tool6.2.6.4Store the harvest

omusuleesaemisuleesanmacramé pot hanger; three ropes tied together used to hang pots filled with food5.2.1.4Food storage6.6.1Working with cloth7.5.4.1Rope, string6.2.6.4Store the harvest

omusuleeswaemisuleeswanmacramé hanger; suspended and hanging set of woven ropes where kitchen utensils are kept5.2.1.4Food storage6.6.1Working with cloth7.5.4.1Rope, string6.2.6.4Store the harvest