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ahawoowoobuwoowon1aroma, the smell of a tasty dish2.3.4Smell2perfume5.4.5Anoint the body5.4.2Cosmetics2.3.4Smell

amafutan1oil; mineral drilled from the ground and from which petrol and diesel for driving engines are distilledAmafuta gagagaŋahiise amawanga amaŋalabbu.Oil has made the Arab countries rich. with oil and gas1.2.2.4Mineral1.2.3.2Oil5.5.6Fuel2fuel; fuel such as petrol, diesel, kerosene and motor-oilAmafuta galimo ebiha ebyʼohwadusa nʼohunyiiyira.There is a type of oil for burning,and another one for cooking.Juha amafuta gʼetaala hukwi omuliro gunaduhe mangu.Pour paraffin on firewood and the fire will light quickly.5.5.6Fuel3fat, cooking fat; tallowEbisolo ebiŋwamo amafuta biri: eŋombe, embusi nʼetaama.The animals that provide fats are: cows, goats and sheep.6.3.7Animal products1.2.3.2Oil5. oil4ghee, cow butter; one of the by-products of milkOmuzigo gwʼeŋombe guŋunyisa bulaŋi emere.Ghee from the cows makes food smell nicely. ingredients5. oil5. products5body cream5.4.5Anoint the body5.4.2Cosmetics6chrism, sacramental oil; fluid poured on s.b. when anointingOmuutu nʼabatisiwa bamuŋaha omuzigo.A person is anointed with chrism. to religious use1.2.3.2Oil

ehiyerereha2ebiyererehanpowdery, fine-textured substance; s.t. that is flour-like and runs loose between the fingers when felt5.4.5Anoint the body8.3.2Texture5.4.2Cosmetics

ohunegenavdecorate, adorn, beautify; make s.t. look goodOhunegena enyumba.Decorate a house.5.4.5Anoint the body8.3.8Decorated5.4Adornment5.4.2Cosmetics5.4.1Jewelry5.1.2Household decoration8.3.7.6Improve

pawudaEnglishnpowder; very fine flour that has a nice smell. Powder5.4.5Anoint the body5.4.2Cosmetics