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bukomyebukomyenhouse; four-cornered house with a hipped roof and a veranda round it6.5.1.1House6.5.1.2Types of houses

edaala1amadaalanhomeEdaala lyange lirimo abaatu bangi.My home has lots of people. (of a person) of houses5.9Live, stay

ehiduuhuluebiduuhulungrass-thatched hut; temporary house made entirely with twigs and grassEbiduuhulu bitambisiwa mu kambi ja basikabutu nʼabasirikale.Grass-thatched huts are used in camping by boy scouts and soldiers. of houses

ehisiisiraebisiisiranhut; small simple building made of simple materials, esp. for rearing chickens6.5.1.1House6.3.6Poultry raising6.5.1.2Types of houses

ehiswa2ebiswansmall grass thatched shelter6.5.1.1House6.5.1.2Types of houses

ehiswiebiswin1home where animals dwell1.6.5Animal home2nest; woven structure where a bird breedsEnyuni ejindi ebiswi njʼamago gajo.Some birds have nests as their homes.1.6.5Animal home1.6.1.2Bird3Metaphor. houseGatayeŋo ehiswi ehyene ehiraŋi.He built a very good house. of houses

ehitiiraebitiiranhut; small temporary house built using simple materials6.5.1.1House6.3.6Poultry raising6.5.1.2Types of houses

embugaembugan1palace; royal residence of s.b. in authority6.5.1.1House4.6.1Ruler6.5.1.2Types of houses4.6.1.1King's family5.9Live, stay2court; place where cases are settled4.7.4Court of law

engoamagonhome, family; place where there are houses belonging to people of the same family6.5.1.1House9. (of a person), clan6.5.1.2Types of houses4.1.9Kinship5.9Live, stay

enyumbaenyumbanhouse; building for s.b. or a family to live in6.5.1.1House6.5.1.2Types of housesenyumba eyʼamatafaalinhouse built using bricks6.5.1.1House6.5.1.2Types of housesenyumba yʼesengeronshrine; house of worship4.9.8.2Place of worshipohutula enyumbavIdiom. divorce; abandon a marriage, by a womanSynohutula mwirya4.1.7.1End a relationship2.6.1.4Divorce

enyumba eyʼamatafaalienyumba ejʼamatafaalinhouse built using bricks6.5.1.1House6.5.1.2Types of housesder. ofenyumba

eyʼebisaalaeyebisaalanhouse made of wattle and daub6.5.1.1House6.5.1.2Types of houses

eyʼehiteteyieyʼehiteteyinhouse that is round6.5.1.1House6.5.1.2Types of houses

goloofagoloofanhouse with more than one storey6.5.1.1House6.5.2.8Floor, story6.5.1.2Types of houses

namuzigonamuzigoLugandanhouse entrance; archway constructed from four upright poles and placed at the entrance gate to some household compounds. Said to bring luck6.5.1.1House6.5.2Parts of a building6.5.2.4Door

obwihasin1buttocks8.6.2.1Bottom2.1.2Torso2Metaphor. residence; place where s.b. resides or is settledOwihasi wuwe wuli yi Butaleja.He resides at Butaleja. of houses5.9Live, stay

olunyaepyancourtyard; clear place surrounding a house6.5.1.1House6.5.1.4Yard