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amasisyencow dungAmasisye nja gatambisiwa mu hwirirya enju.Cow dung is the stuff used when smearing the house.Amasisye amoomu bagadunyisa mu hubbinga esuna.Dry cow dung is burnt to smoke out mosquitoes.2.2.8Defecate, feces

ebisiyavar.ebisiiyan1filth; worthless materials that make dirt wherever they are8., dirty2human faeces2.2.8Defecate, feces

ehidukanondiarrhoeaEhidukano hipambire.I have diarrhoea. illness2.2.8Defecate, feces

ehyolooniehyoloonin1toilet2.2.8Defecate, feces2stool sample; portion of faeces tested by a laboratory for a doctor to determine the source of an illnessNigaali nʼalwaye muhida omusaŋu gamuŋindihire mu labbu ohumutusaho ehyolooni.When he had stomach ache, the doctor sent him to the laboratory for the examination of his stool.2.5.7Treat disease2.2.8Defecate, fecesohutusaho ehyoloonivobtain a stool sample for medical examination2.5.7Treat disease2.2.8Defecate, feces

ekutuekutun1piece of cloth that s.b. wraps around himself when going to sleep5.7.1Go to sleep5.3.4Clothes for special occasions2petticoat; underskirt worn by women5.3.2Women's clothing3nappy; cloth tied as a diaper2. for a baby2.2.8Defecate, feces

embulubusindung; faeces of goats and sheep2.2.8Defecate, feces

hacoolo2hacoolon1dysentery; acute diarrhoea illness2.5.2.3Stomach illness2.2.8Defecate, feces2epidemic2.5.2Disease

obufuhunyiahafuhunyin1numerous quantity; teeming number8.1.3.1Many, much4.2.1.7Crowd, group8.1.3.3Group of things2Taboo. Metaphor. heap of faeces2.2.8Defecate, feces

obuunyanTaboo. fart, intestinal gas; foul air that escapes below from the bowelsHiswasa ohubisya obuunya mu baatu.It is shameful to pass out foul air in public.2.2.8Defecate, feces

ohubiŋavar.ohwebiŋavTaboo. clean the anus after defecating7.7.5Rub5.6.6Wipe, erase2.2.8Defecate, fecesohubiŋisavTaboo. use s.t. for wiping faeces7.7.5Rub5.6.6Wipe, erase2.2.8Defecate, feces

ohubiŋisavTaboo. use s.t. for wiping faecesEbihoola ebyohubiŋira.Leaves that are used for wiping off faeces on a baby for example.7.7.5Rub5.6.6Wipe, erase2.2.8Defecate, fecesder. ofohubiŋa

ohufungavar.ohufungaŋov1close and lock up6.7.5Fastening tool6.5.2.4Door7.3.6.1Shut, close6.5.2.5Window2dress a baby in a nappy2. for a baby2.2.8Defecate, fecesohufungululavunlock7.3.6Open6.5.2.4Doorohwefungav1cover the private parts with a strip of cloth that is passed between the legs and over a belt tied at the waist at the back5.3.7Wear clothing2put on a sanitary pad during monthly period2.1.8.4Female organs5.3.7Wear clothingohwefungululavundress by removing a loin cloth ‘efungo’ that covers the private parts5.3.7Wear clothing

ohufuŋuulavTaboo. pass out foul smelling air from the stomach2.2.8Defecate, feces

ohupamavTaboo. defecate; pass out faeces2.2.8Defecate, feces

ohutusaho ehyoloonivobtain a stool sample for medical examination2.5.7Treat disease2.2.8Defecate, fecesder. ofehyolooni
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