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cehyovar.cehyo ehyeneinterjthat’s it; exactlyHunamuheese ni hugobola, mbo? Ohugaluhamo: cehyo.We shall greet him on our way back, not so? Reply: Exactly.Cehyo nga ndʼolu olomire; ebiri konʼebiri jiba ene.Exactly as you said; two and two make four. of emphasis of identificational and explanatory clauses

ohuhanda1vtighten resolveBamuhubbire naye ahandiiye erala gagaana ohwihirisa ati gebire.Much as he was beaten, he insisted on denying that he stole.

ohwimav1refuseNasungire yona ebbesa ganyima.I begged Yona for money and he refused me. to do something3. permission2resolutely stand fast3.3.1.6Determined4.4.3.1Brave3.3.3.4Insist

ohwomeraho hyʼegevbe adamant, refuse to budge; hold or stick very firmly to an opinionAgeene ohucuusaho hu hiŋeego hihye ehyʼohubbinga omuhasi; ahyomeeyeho hyʼege.He has refused to change his idea of sending away his wife; he has stuck to that firmly. belief3.3.3.4Insist3.3.1.7Stubborn

omugumu wʼomwoyoabagumu bʼomwoyonIdiom. strong-hearted person; s.b. resolute, firm and determined3.3.1.6Determined6. hard3.3.2.4Willing4.4.3.1Brave8.4.7Continue, persevere3.3.3.4Insist2.4.1Strongder. ofohuguma