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ajehajehaabajehajehanhumorous person4.2.8Humor3.5.6.4Laugh

ehijehesaebijehesans.t. funny, amusing, laughable4.2.8Humor3.5.6.4Laugh


ohucacaalavlaugh heartily3.5.6.4Laugh

ohufa enjehovIdiom. laugh heartily4.2.8Humor3.5.6.4Laughder. ofehyʼenjeho1die of laughter

ohugiginalavlaugh uncontrollably3.5.6.4Laugh

ohuhiinavar.ohuhuuniahuuniav1flatter; attribute s.b. with qualities or values he does not haveOhupaaha omuutu oti mulaŋi ate wenda ahwigerese huupi ni naye ko wa hamwiba.Telling s.b. that he is very good so that he becomes familiar with you to enable you to steal from him.ŋiiniaŋiiniav1tantalise; tease by giving s.t. and then snatching it back or by promising s.t. that cannot be fulfilled4.3.5.6Hypocrite3.3Want3. s.b. with contempt4.3.2.1Despise someone4.5.5.2Lack respect4.3.7.1Impolite

ohuhwanulavlaugh in a certain style that shows happiness, of women3.5.6.4Laugh

ohujanjavspeak with humour4.2.8Humor3.5.6.4Laugh

ohujehavlaugh; make a sound that indicates happiness or amusementEbibaholire mu katemba byagirire abaatu bajeha luhulu.Their acting in the drama made people laugh a lot. to attract attention3.5.6.4Laughohujehereravlaugh at3.5.6.4Laugh3.

ohujeheravlaugh to attract attentionOjehera hi?What are you laughing at? ofohujeha

ohukwakwanuhavlaugh derisively and raucouslyGakwakwanuhire kuba natereeye nagwa.He raucously laughed because I slipped and fell down.4.2.8Humor3.5.6.4Laugh3.

ohusaagavar.ohusaagasaagavjoke, speak with humour; act in a funny or teasing way4.2.8Humor3.5.6.4Laugh

ohusaagirisavbe fond of cracking jokes4.2.8Humor3.5.6.4Laugh

olujanjaenjanjanhumour; joking4.2.8Humor3.5.6.4Laugh

olumoocomoocoemoocomooconjest; humour4.2.8Humor3.5.6.4Laugh

omujanjiabajanjinhumorous person4.2.8Humor3.5.6.4Laugh
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