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ebbatirisoamabatirizoLugandanbaptismal font; place in a church where baptisms are carried out4.9.5.4Religious ceremony4.9.5.6Religious purification4.9.8Religious things

mu hisiiboadvperiod when the believers don’t eat or drink as a preparation; e.g., lent for Christians or Ramadan for Muslims4.9.5.9Fasting4.9.5.6Religious purification

ohugwalaalav1settle; become translucent, clear of dirt, of a liquid1.3.6Water quality7.5.3.1Pure, unmixed2be calm, at peace, settled; at rest,4.8.4Peace2.4.5Rest3. calm; of a water surface when it does not move, shake or have ripplesObutimba wʼenyeeni businga ohuŋaluliwa enyanja niiri ngwalaafu.The fishnets are best trawled when the lake is calm., roughohugwalaasav1level, flatten; remove raised parts6.6.6Working with land8.; make holy4.3.1Good, moral4.9.5.1Devout4.9.5.8Dedicate to religious use4.3.1.2Meet a standard4.9.5.6Religious purification8.3.7.3Perfect8.3.7.7Right, proper

ohuŋaanyav1broadcast seeds or fertilisers in a fieldGahaŋanyira habiri obule mu muga ni butamera. Jʼoŋaanye amaaji hubule obumeri wahamera bulaŋi.He has twice broadcast millet in his field but it did not germinate. Go and sprinkle water on the millet so that it germinates into good yeast., scatter6.2.1.1Growing grain7.4.4Distribute6.2.3Plant a field7.5.7Multiple things moving2sprinkle, splash a liquid on s.t.Ehidiriisi ehibaaye hibita hyapanyaho amaaji.The car was passing and then splashed water on me.Omutuusa gaŋaanyire amaaji hu bosibosi abaali mu ngolo.The spirit medium sprinkled water on all those who were in the shrine.1.3.2Movement of water1.3.2.2Pour7.3.7.3Spread, smear1.3.2.3Drip4.9.5.6Religious purification1.1.3.3Rain1.3.3Wet

ohwetawaasavTaboo. wash yourself or ritually purify yourself; of a woman’s genital parts2.1.8.4Female organs4.9.5.6Religious purification5.6.2Bathe

omutomaabatoman1virgin2.6.2.1Virginity2undefiled person4.9.5.6Religious purificationder. ofomutomwa

omutomwaemitomwanjuice; concentrated, pure, undiluted banana juice5.2.3.6Beverage7.5.3.1Pure, unmixedomutoman1virgin2.6.2.1Virginity2undefiled person4.9.5.6Religious purification