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ale3conjbecause of that; therefore; soAle yinuha otiine engo olwʼohuba omwana alwaye.Stop digging and go home because the child is sick. conjunctions9.6.3.1Markers of transition conjunctions

ehigeraebigeranreason for doing s.t.

ehigiraebigiranreason why s.t. is done9.6.2.5Cause9.

ehiŋahaniaebiŋahaniancause, reason for protest9.6.2.5Cause3.

ehiŋwahoebiŋwahoncause; reasonLehera aŋo ohwiba; hiriŋwaho ohuhusidiha.Stop stealing; otherwise that will cause your being imprisoned.

ehitaniebitanin1placenta, afterbirth; parts that come out of a woman or an animal after giving birthOmuhasi nʼasaala ehitani hyagwa bahubba ehigalagala.When the after birth comes out the other women ululate.2.6.3Birth2.6.3.2Fetus2sourceAmago gage njʼehitani hyʼowaafu; mwafu bugali.His home is the source of poverty; he is very poor. (of movement)

ehyeŋendeheresaebyeŋendeheresans.t. that causes worry, fear9.6.2.5Cause3. of disease

esongaesonganreason; causeNdomere esonga ehigira nʼotanyenda.Tell me a reason why you don’t love me.

kubaconjbecause of; for the reason thatMuhubbire kuba ganduhire.I beat him because of he abused me. conjunctions9.6.3.1Markers of transition conjunctions

ohwefiirisavbring s.t. upon yourself; be the cause of your own misfortuneWefirihiise omukisa ogwohuhutusa mu musolo.You brought upon yourself the bad luck of not being removed from the tax register.