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aliira mu nyumbavar.oliira mu nyumbaabaliira mu nyumbanIdiom. miser, stingy, selfish person6.8.3.3Stingy6.8.2.4Frugal4.

engeengenselfishness; act of being mean6.8.3.3Stingy6.8.2.4Frugal4.

gaamugaamuEnglishn1sap; sticky gum of some trees6.2.5.4Plant product1.5.5Parts of a plant7.5.2.2Stick together2glue, gum; sticky fluid that is used to stick papers together7.5.2Join, attach7.9.4Repair6.7.5Fastening tool7.5.2.1Link, connect7.5.2.2Stick togethermukono gaamunIdiom. miser, stingy, selfish person6.8.3.3Stingy6.8.2.4Frugal4.

mukono gaamuabamukono gaamunIdiom. miser, stingy, selfish person6.8.3.3Stingy6.8.2.4Frugal4. ofgaamu

nakumuumunakumuumunmiser; mean stingy person who is very selfishNakumuumu muha wamwida.

ohubbiiryavar.ohubbiraganiavhoard, amass, heap up; gather things together causing disapproval from othersAbbiraganisye agapiiya mu bbengi.He has amassed plenty of money in the bank. wealth6.9.6Insurance7.5.1Gather8.1.3.3Group of things

omuhodoabahodonselfish person; miser6.8.3.3Stingy6.8.2.4Frugal4. ofobuhodo

owʼengeabʼengenmiser; mean person who does not want to give away any of his propertyWayibbire wʼenge; geyigala ko galya.Wayibbire is mean; he closes the door before he eats.