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ehisankindness, grace, generosity, charity; help and care towards the feelings of othersAli nʼehisa.He is kind.Baŋuma ehisa.They have no mercy.4.3.1Good, moral6.8.3.2Generous4.4.4Respond to someone in trouble4.4.4.1Mercy4.3.4Do good to4.4.4.2Show sympathy, support4.3.4.2Help4.3.4.4Altruistic, selfless

ekabi1nluck, chance, good fortune; force that causes things to happen by chance not through own effortNdi nʼekabi ohusuna omuhasi.I had the good fortune to get a wife. good to6.1.3.4Advantage4.4.5.1Lucky6.1.2.9Opportunity4.4.5Chance4.4.1Prosperityohusuna ekabivIdiom. be fortunate; getting what you expect or have ordered to be done4.9.4.3Bless4.3.4Do good to6.1.3.4Advantage4.4.5.1Lucky6.1.2.9Opportunity4.4.5Chance4.4.1Prosperity

emikisaomukisanluck, blessing; force that causes things to happen to you by chance or as a result of your asking4.9.4.3Bless4.3.4Do good to6.1.3.4Advantage4.4.5.1Lucky6.1.2.9Opportunity4.4.5Chance4.4.1Prosperity

hadubi hʼedaalabudubi bwʼedaalanIdiom. return of a favourGapayeeho maido; hesi ahadubi hʼedaala namuŋaayeho epindi.She gave some groundnuts and as a return of a favour I also gave her some cowpeas.4.3.4Do good to4.3.4.5Share with

obuutu bulamunhumanness; what concerns people in generalAŋumaamo buutu; gasambire omuhasi naali hida.He lacks humanness; he kicked a woman who was with a womb.4.3.1Good, moral4.4.4.1Mercy4.3.4Do good to4.3.4.4Altruistic, selfless

ohudubanavbother; take the trouble4.3.4Do good to

ohufa huvcare for; look after, pay attention toOtehwa ohufa hu ebi mwana genda mu somero.You must pay attention to the requirements of the child at school.Saafa hu baana babe.He does not look after his children. for, support6. care of something4. for4.4.4.1Mercy5.8Manage a house4.3.4Do good to4.4.4.2Show sympathy, support2. for a baby2. a child4.3.4.4Altruistic, selfless