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amabeerenmilk; white liquid produced by female mammals that is used as foodAmabeere gaŋamba ganabaŋo ebbanga ereeŋi.Milk coagulates when it is left to stand for a long time.Amabeere njʼagaŋwamo samuli, sawe ko nʼomuzigo.We obtain ghee, whey and butter from milk.6.3.3Milk

ekamiroekamironpail; wooden container in which milking of cows or goats is done5.1Household equipment6.3.3Milk6.7.7Container

ohuhamavmilk a cow6.3.3Milk

ohujalulavmilk a cow6.3.3Milk

omudoohaemidoohancolostrum; milk given by a cow right after giving birth5. products6.3.3Milk

omulaalaemiraalanfresh milk6.3.3Milk