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amasindenmanhood; state of being adult maleHale hale omuutu geetanga esolo ohulaga amasinde gage.Long ago s.b. had to kill an animal to show his manhood. hisindevMetaphor. work hard; go out and work hard like a man6. hard6.1.2.3Work well

amosuhonyouthfulness, agility esp. referring to a boy7.2.1.2Move quickly7.2.1.4Graceful2.4.1Strong2.6.4.3Youth

ehibbalitiriebibbaliitirinrobust thing; s.t. hardy and mature2.5Healthy2.4.1Strong

embahaembahan1stubbornness; forcefulnessAli nʼembaha.He is quarrelsome., force2.4.1Strong

mu moniadv1in the face or in the eye2.1.1.1Eye8.6.1Front2.1.1Head2ahead, in front; at the most forward part of s.t.Gehaaye mu moni jʼomwami.She sat in front of the chief. front of8.6.1Front3in the future; in time to comeMu moni eyo abaatu sibaliŋenyuhanga hu magombe.In future people will not be keeping vigil at the grave. mu monivIdiom. be tough3.5.6.3Facial expression4.4.3.1Brave4.3.3.2Not care2.4.1Strong

obwangun1lightness; state of s.t. being easy to lift and carry8.2.9.2Light in weight2agility; being quick and well coordinated in movement7.2.1.2Move quickly7.2.1.4Graceful2.4.1Strong3quickness7.2.1.2Move quickly8.4.8.1Quick8.4.8Speed

ohusoŋamovadd so as to strengthen2.4.1Strong8.1.4.2Increase

ohutafuŋavtoughenOmusinde atafuŋiiye omwana wuwe.The man has toughened for his child., firm2.4.1Strong

omugumu wʼomwoyoabagumu bʼomwoyonIdiom. strong-hearted person; s.b. resolute, firm and determined3.3.1.6Determined6. hard3.3.2.4Willing4.4.3.1Brave8.4.7Continue, persevere3.3.3.4Insist2.4.1Strongder. ofohuguma

omuhahadaliabahahadalinstrong person2.4.3Energetic2.4.1Strong

omunamaaniabanamaaninstrong person2.4.3Energetic2.4.1Strong

omutafuabatafuntough person or thingEŋombe tafu.The cow is tough. care2.4.1Strong

owʼamaanivar.hirimaaniabʼamaanin1s.b. who is extremely strong2.4.3Energetic2.4.1Strong2all powerful, omnipotent person, i.e., God4.9.1God